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A Feeling that Fall is Around the Bend… July 21, 2019

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So many things this last week have reminded me that fall is right around the bend. After our big summer vacation, my mind shifted to back to school shopping for Owen. I was curious how long I could hold out before buying his school supplies. Turns out I made it to the middle of July. I view this as acceptable since I’ve had the list since June 3rd and I didn’t act on my desire to go school shopping the very day we got it (which was before summer vacation even started).

Monday was a wet and rainy day here around the PNW and it brought all the fall feelings to me. I wanted to bake pumpkin bread, put up a fall wreath and read a book while listening to the rain outside my window. In reality, I previewed MOPS training videos to show for my leadership retreat. Watching those training videos also reminded me that another new MOPS year is right around the corner and we are in the process of preparing for it to the best one yet.

Owen’s new school opens the library once a week for students to come in and check out books. We met up with friends and explored the library and then played on the playground. I enjoyed being inside the school and seeing more of the building. I also got the date of the back to school BBQ. I’m probably more excited than Owen to see his classroom and meet this teacher. I have so much nervous anticipation about this transition to all day school. Preschool was a good bridge for both Owen and I. He is for sure ready for school and I have adapted to a schedule where he was gone part of the day.  And since he still naps in the afternoons at this point, I’m going to guess that all day school feels just like preschool in the morning and nap time in the afternoon. The only hour I’m really missing the one where he once came home for lunch before nap time.

We recently found out that there is a spot for Graham in the preschool program at our church. My emotions of Owen going off to elementary school are coupled with the fact that my Graham buddy is going to be gone now three mornings a week. I’m so used to sending Owen off for age appropriate adventures while Graham tags along with me. My little tag-along is now about to have his own adventures. I’m hoping and praying it’s a good one for him since he tends to be more of a homebody like me.

And to continue the fall vibes, my steering team got together this weekend to plan our MOPS & MOMSnext year ahead. This weekend is always  important because the new team members are getting on the same page with the last year’s team members. There is planning, there is praying and there is team bonding and unity built through shared vision and fun. Getting a full team this year took some effort so I am beyond grateful for the ladies that said yes to leading. We gathered and you could feel that this team was coming together well. After vacation, I had a hard time pulling myself back into MOPS mode, but now that the retreat has come and gone, I can feel the momentum. The excitement of the team also fuels my fire to keep moving forward. The moms in this community deserve the best. I am looking forward to serving alongside an awesome group of ladies this year.

While the signs point to fall being right around the bend, we aren’t kicking summer to the curb just yet. There are many play dates still to be had. There are swimming lessons upcoming in the next few weeks. Jeremy took the boys camping while I worked on MOPS & MOMSnext this weekend. They loved all things camping. And my boys have found a passion for hiking. Show them a trail and they are ready for an adventure. The boys explored Mt. Rainier and Mt. St. Helens and came home with many stories to share.

With change and transition right around the corner, I am doing my best to savor these days. I am loving the play dates because time with our people is always sweet. I am thankful for the sound of laughter in backyard. We’ve hit the library for many books and even went to see The Reptile Man show there last week. This is what summer time is all about. I’m also looking forward to Jeremy having more time off in August. We’re daydreaming about day trips. And I even get to have a couple nights away with a sweet friend for a girls only trip. I am beyond thrilled!

I might be dreaming of pumpkin bread, fall leaves and sweaters, but there is so much goodness right here and right now, I’m not ready to skip ahead quite yet.


Checking trail cameras with the cousins – and Uncle Nathan, Papa and Jeremy (not pictured).


They had to put on their Tillamook Creamery gear because they were pretending to work at the factory. 


Dinner date with friends – playing silly train with the red wagon. 


Visiting his new school 


Watching The Reptile Man at the library


A full table of ladies who are eating, laughing and sharing makes my heart happy! 


The Chehalis MOPS & MOMSnext Steering Team! So excited to serve alongside them this year! 


Scott Boys Camping Trip 2019


Scott Boys Camping Trip 2019


Scott Boys Camping Trip 2019


Scott Boys Camping Trip 2019


Scott Boys Camping Trip 2019



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