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Hello July! July 6, 2019

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And just like that we are in July. Turns out my cold was a sinus infection, so I’m wrapping up two weeks of being sick. Being sick in the summer just isn’t right, let me tell you. Our month of June finished up with VBA, the big wedding and then we welcomed July with a play date, Independence Day, a family adventure to NW Trek and celebrating my Dad’s birthday!

Okay, so there is the big update on the wedding since I hyped it up in my last post. Owen and Graham did great for the dress rehearsal. The bride had them sit on the steps at the bottom of the stage (which was smart). They didn’t have to hold still up front or be in the spotlight. Their spot also meant we could sit close to them and keep them in check. The morning on the wedding was good for Owen, not so much for Graham. My youngest child seemed to think it was okay to be a pill for pictures. He didn’t want to take pictures, so Owen participated and represented the ring bears well. When it came time for the actual ceremony, they made it down the aisle uneventfully and then Graham came to sit with Jeremy and I – where he fell asleep. I would much rather having a sleeping ring bearer than a dramatic one. The reception was fun and the kids held out through the whole thing. This is the first time we’ve stayed for the bride & groom send off since having kiddos. The wedding was lovely and it was so special to be near my friend on her wedding day. I’m so glad she let the boys be a part of her wedding so I could tag along for the festivities.

The summer fun continues with celebrations and play dates and outings. We are thankful for friends and family that bring so much joy to our life. We are blessed to have such wonderful people to do life with. Now our next big adventure is our family road trip. We are in planning and prepping mode right now. I’m hopeful that with enough snacks and entertainment, the boys will have a fantastic ride and that we’ll be happy campers to our many destinations. I love having my parents as neighbors. They plan on taking care of the chickens while we are away. The hens are about to start laying eggs soon so we are on the lookout daily. We still have two roosters, but the next time we are home on a Friday we will take another rooster to the chicken auction. Time will tell if we end up keeping any roosters. Right now Foster is the kindest rooster ever. He snuggles with Jeremy daily. I’m not sure if that is normal… but… I know very little about chickens.

Here are some pictures of our recent adventures!


Wrapping up VBA


Ring Security


Notice Graham is MIA


The beautiful bride! 



Singing a VBA song for the church


Smiley boys post nap time


Ready for summer travels


Fireworks with my boys!


NW Trek with family


Celebrating Grandpa’s birthday


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