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Mother’s Day 2019 May 15, 2019

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We’ve been enjoying some sunshine and warm weather here in SW Washington. These days that feel like summer are a spring treat. The boys have been outside every second they can be. I’m happy to report that the chickens are alive and well. The boys have held up to there end of the bargain. They are taking wonderful care of the chickens. We are still having daily conversations about whether two of them are roosters. We are also trying to decide if we keep any roosters. Originally the plan was no roosters, no matter what. But now we are more attached. Sooooo… as long as they don’t wake me up, I might allow roosters to stay. If we have any. I’m sure it will get clearer with time.

Mother’s Day was a drawn out celebration over many days. Owen invited me to muffins with Mom at preschool on Thursday. We went quickly to school before jetting off to the dentist. It was a special morning for me to take Owen to school by himself and then even at the dentist Jeremy was in with Graham before us. Owen and I hung out in the waiting room together. Jeremy and Graham exited and Owen and I went back for his appointment. We all met up again at the park nearby to celebrate no cavities with donuts. Seems fitting, right?

Friday, I got to have lunch with my dear forever friend, Maggie. It was the perfect way to kick off the weekend. When I got home the boys were too excited about my gift to keep it a secret until Sunday. I was presented with an instant pot, flowers, cards, candy and an Amazon gift card for books. It was a very thoughtful gift. I’ve already purchased two new books with the gift card. I look forward to using the instant pot soon. I told Jeremy that the first couple times I use it, I want him there for moral support. I’m a little scared of pressure cookers, but the shortened cooking time is so intriguing. I can’t wait to see what meals we decide to create together.

On Friday, we received a package from my niece, Brinley. She had created a “Flat Stanley” and mailed him to us as a part of a geography lesson for her school. The mission was to have Stanley take pictures with us throughout the weekend and then share about where Stanley visited with her class. The boys loved being a part of this assignment. In fact, we loved Stanley so much that he was cloned twice so each boy could keep a copy of Stanley. We mailed Stanley back to Brinley yesterday with photos and tales of our weekend adventures.

Over the weekend, I got to celebrate Mother’s Day with my mom, grandma, and mother-in-law. I am thankful that I get to share this holiday such wonderful women in my life. I know that Mother’s Day can be a hard holiday for so many and with good reason. My heart goes out to those who ache on Mother’s Day. I don’t take for granted the moms that I have in my life. I am blessed to be a mama to my wild boys. I am blessed to have so many lovely mom friends who keep me going and make me a better person. It was a great weekend to be surrounded by so many important ladies in my life.


Muffins with Mom at preschool


Apparently, I’m 52… I also find it funny that he said I make good rice and love apples. I feel like it would been more accurate to say cookies, cake or brownies. 


Graham & Daddy at the dentist


Owen looking like one cool dude


Meet Stanley


Lunch with Maggie May


Stanley and the chickens


Playing on tree pieces in GG’s backyard.


My Grandma and Mom! Love these ladies!


Stanley came to dinner at Nana & Papa’s on Mother’s Day


How is this for an accurate Mother’s Day picture? Nothing sweet or sentimental here. Just us nuts. 


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