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Hello May May 4, 2019

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I was away at a conference when the calendar slipped from April to May. I feel a bit stalled in April even though we are on to May. I actually just changed the calendar over in my bedroom and on my fridge to reflect the new month. Hopefully all these visual reminders of the date will help me get more grounded in what day it is and what I’m supposed to be doing. Fingers crossed.

I’m back after seven days of travels all over the PNW. Our annual ladies retreat was last Friday through Sunday in Cannon Beach, OR. Sunday night, I came home with enough time to do my laundry, repack my suitcase and pack up the boys’ suitcase. Monday through Thursday were spent in Coeur d’Alene, ID for NWMN Network Conference.

Ladies Retreat was a good time away at the beach. We had a small amount of rain, but for the most part the weather was nice – just a bit windy. The beach in the rain isn’t nearly as fun so I am always thankful for good weather. I ate yummy food, did some shopping, read a little. I also stayed up way too late and enjoyed the gathering times of worship and hearing from a fantastic speaker.

Network Conference is one of the few times a year that Jeremy and I get away overnight kid-free. The boys spent the days with Grandma and the evenings with Nana & Papa. They thoroughly enjoyed their time with grandparents and we thoroughly enjoyed our break from parenting. I love Coeur d’Alene, ID. I just wish it wasn’t over six hours away. The drive there and back is not my favorite. At the conference we got to connect with our own pastoral team as well as friends from our network. We celebrated the network becoming debt free with a desserts and fireworks at sunset. We also got to see the new Avengers movie. Jeremy got to golf on Thursday before heading for home. It was a great trip.

After a week of living out of a suitcase, I am happy to be home. I spent yesterday doing laundry and reclaiming my house. Last night was a dinner out with MOPS & MOMSnext friends. I was hard to eat out again after a week of doing nothing but eating out. However, it was fun to dive back into life with my local friends after traveling. Today we have friends coming over for dinner. Tomorrow is our church vision lunch (aka business meeting) and our growth group. We jumped right back into life with our people.

However, the days have been quieter since we arrived home. Jeremy has been out in the yard. The boys have played outside while Jeremy hops from project to project. The chickens survived our absence thanks to many check-ins from Grandma, Papa and the boys. Jeremy was shocked to see how much they had grown even since we left on Monday. We moved the chickens outside into their coop last Friday. They were too big for garage. I am grateful to longer smell chicken poop when I load up into the van. It’s the small things in life that make you thankful.

I’m going to go read a little bit in the quiet of nap time before we have company over for dinner. We have pizza and yard games on the docket for tonight. The sun is shining. Should be a good evening.


The little ladies have moved outside because they are not so little these days.


Always one of my favorite places. 


Enjoyed time around the table with these ladies. 


The boys appreciated that I came home with treats from the beach.



The view from our room in Coeur d’Alene. 


The Gooey is a signature dessert at our hotel. Jeremy and I shared a cookie themed one. It was so yummy! 


The lake at sunset. Waiting for fireworks.


Avengers movie night.


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