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Birthday Weekend & A New Adventure March 27, 2019

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This last weekend was spent celebrating Jeremy’s 38th birthday! His actual birthday was Monday, but he had to work and I had MOPS & MOMSnext in the evening. This meant we celebrated all weekend along to make up for the fact that we had to be responsible grown ups on Monday. Saturday was a special fiesta themed dinner with Jeremy’s family. Sunday, I took Jeremy to the movies as my birthday present to him. We make it to the movies once or a twice year, so it’s always a special treat. Jeremy loves all the Marvel movies so we went to see Captain Marvel. I’m sure our second movie of the year will be spent seeing the new Avengers movie. These movies and Star Wars movies are the only ones we make it to the theater for. My parent’s watched the boys so we could go and then we had dinner with them. Despite Monday being a work day, the boys and I were able to go to lunch with Jeremy and then we did some chicken research. Which leads to our next new adventure…

Jeremy has always talked about chickens as a possibility when we moved into this home. The last home we owned didn’t allow chickens since it was loosely a “development” which meant it was against the rules of the homeowners association. The house two doors down had chickens and it always drove me nuts that they were breaking the rules. We’ve been in this home almost a full year (this Sunday will be the big one year anniversary) and apparently that is how  long it takes to make Jeremy’s chicken dreams come true. The hypothetical situation became reality on Saturday when Jeremy went out to “evaluate” what he had saved from the construction process. Evaluating his materials turned into actually building a chicken coop with the help of the boys. At this point, the boys knew the coop was for chickens. There was no going back. On Monday, during our lunch time chicken research we bought containers for feeding and watering chickens as well as a bag of chicken food. While I was at MOPS & MOMSnext, the boys bought the chickens and a container to keep them in. When I got home, there were feathered friends in my garage hanging out under the heat lamp. Because these little ladies (we’re hoping they are all ladies) are only a week old, they will be living in the garage for some time. Considering Jeremy tore down his first chicken coop structure and started to build a different design, it’s a good thing the ladies have some place to stay warm and grow until their permanent home is complete.

I’ve been very up front with Jeremy from the beginning. Whenever we talked about chickens, I reminded him that I am scared of birds – chickens included. I plan to be hands off with these birds. Jeremy and the boys will take care of them. Jeremy is excited for eggs and the chance to teach the boys responsibility. Owen is in love with the chickens. He is thrilled they are here and they are ours and they will grow up to be his pets. Graham isn’t sure about them, but he will pet them if Jeremy holds them for him. We’ve been without a pet for two and a half years and I’ve really enjoyed the freedom of not having animals to care for. I’ve been told by many how easy chickens are and I’m hoping that is true. Jeremy selected breeds that were known for being friendly and docile. If they are true to their description, I’m sure the boys will view them as pets more than a food source. Time will tell. As long as they don’t wake me up while I’m sleeping, I think I’ll be able to handle them at a distance.

I’ll keep you posted as these little ladies grow up and we learn all the ins and outs of chicken ownership.


This boy loves his mac & cheese! 


Lunch date with my Maggie May


Dinner with MOPS & MOMSnext friends


My dad was on a business trip last week to Minneapolis MN and he was a mile away from the college I graduated from. I have never been in person, but he blessed me with some school gear! I’m happy to represent NCU. Hopefully, someday I’ll be able to see it myself! 


Taco Bar! I tried to provide all the options I could think of! I had a ton of leftovers which I turned into a casserole and got into the freezer for a weeknight meal. Saturday might have been a big day of cooking, but we’ve been living off leftovers all week. It’s been nice to not cook all week! 


Blowing out 38 candles


Funny guy! 


Riding the burro


Movie date


Birthday lunch date


Birthday lunch date


Chicken adoration


As close as Graham will get to the chickens.


This boy is in love! 


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