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Bookshelves & Fire Trucks February 27, 2019

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There are so many exciting updates and photos to share with you today. The biggest for me is that I have two new bookshelves in my bedroom! Jeremy put them together last week and I am in love with them. I was able to take back some of the books that I had been storing in Jeremy’s office. I now have room to grow my library again. That feels good! Also in an attempt to decorate, I’m planning on going shopping for new picture frames and some decorative items to dress up the bookshelves a bit. My current picture frames are all black and they blend with the shelves. I’ll be looking for some frames in gray, white and wood to make the pictures stand out. I’m also determined to find some kind of fake plant to add green to our room (I don’t do real plants, I keep tiny humans alive, that is it). I’ll be hitting Hobby Lobby with a mission this Friday. I am excited for the challenge. After reading The Cozy Minimalist, I’ve been trying to add style to our house in practical ways. I added a new blanket to our couch in the living room. It’s a small item, but it brings more of my favorite blue color to room and makes the space feel cozy with another dimension of texture. I claim no brilliance in home decor, but I am having a lot of fun attempting to style my house in a way that feels homey and simple.

We are currently winding down the busy end of February. My March is filling in, but I’m already being intentional with setting days in advance that will be home days once a week. Saturday is our home day this week. Jeremy and I keep talking about it in sacred and protective tones. We will be home this Saturday or else. The following week, I have Thursday protected on my calendar. While I do have a book party (more on that later) scheduled for that evening, I don’t plan on leaving my house that day. If I’m not intentional with claiming these “home days” then they won’t happen. I am very determined to have one day a week that I am home for each week in March. Wish me luck with this endeavor. And yes, I am book partying… I had a past hostess ask if she could have a party and since I haven’t made a big deal on my VIP group about not doing parties, I figured why not. If I book some parties out of this party, I’ll do them too. I’ve had a few return customers order from my website, so right now I’m feeling very good about my scaled back book business. It’s very manageable and still allowing me to do something I enjoy.

The end of February has looked like lot of social engagements. I’ve had friends over to the house for coffee/play dates. We’ve had dinners with family and friends. It’s been a big week for MOPS & MOMSnext with a steering team hang out on Friday night, an outing to the fire station on Saturday morning and a regular meeting with a special marriage panel on Monday evening (special shout out to my parents for being a part of that panel). While I can get peopled out and tired from constant social interaction, I am so blessed by the people that I have in my life. Each day I have been able to sit down and enjoy some of the most wonderful people on the planet. Even as introvert, I understand the importance of community and I am beyond thankful for  awesome people I get to be surrounded by.

The fire station outing was one of the highlights of the last week, for sure. The boys made cards to say thank you to our local firefighters and then we made brownies together to bless them as well. Our MOPS & MOMSnext group was encouraged to come with a thank you card or goodie, so the fire station has quite a few treat options and cards to enjoy. It felt right to be thankful not only for their service everyday, but for also taking the time to open up their building and show us around. Owen’s favorite part was the medic unit and Graham said he wished we could stay at the station forever.

This month has been unique with all it’s snow and slow/fast pace. In fact, I still have snow in my backyard that hasn’t melted. Most of this morning was spent with snowflakes falling outside my window. It’s been a chilly, snowy month. March holds the promise of spring. It also holds daylight savings, but I’m trying to block that out. Anyone else get super messed up by the time changes? My body hates them. But I know longer days are coming and then hopefully warmer days as well. I have high hopes for March as I continue to keep the goals set in January alive and well. So far my “not going into Walmart” goal remains my crowning achievement of 2019!


Using my old bookshelf for tablet time before it was gifted to some friends.


Flowers from Jeremy as an apology for losing his Valentine’s Day card for me. I didn’t need an apology, but flowers are always appreciated! 


The new bookshelves –  I’ll post another picture after my hopefully profitable trip to Hobby Lobby! 


Eating his snack in a Target box! 


Working on cards for the firefighters to say thank you! 


Picture time with Firefighter Kyle


MOPS & MOMSnext outing to the Fire Station


Getting to operate the jaws of life


Playing with their favorite toys at GG’S house. 


Family Bunco Night! Jeremy and Owen ended up winning! 


It would have been easier to leave them at home, but these boys begged to come to MOPS & MOMSnext with me on Monday night. They love their friends, teachers and the chance to be my special helpers before & after the meetings. 


Reading Barbara Brown Taylor for the first time. I’m really enjoying memoirs these days, so Leaving Church was very interesting to hear about her journey in and out of professional ministry.  Learning to Walk in the Dark was my favorite of the two. Her insight into how darkness serves a purpose was powerful. Reminds me of the Starry Eyed theme from MOPS a few years ago and that there is good in both the light and dark parts of life. 


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