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Hello Middle of November November 15, 2018

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I almost didn’t blog today… I feel compelled to blog on a schedule, because that is how I am wired. I like to blog every 7-10 days and sometimes I push that out to every 2 weeks. It’s my rhythm, my flow. For some reason though, my brain froze at the end of October. While November has been happening, I’ve been kind of a sitting back wondering how we got here. Usually I have all sorts of stories about our happenings, cute pictures of the kids. I’m low on all of those right now. I’m not quite sure why, but here are a few highlights…

We survived daylight savings ending.  For some reason, it was harder on me this year. My body just didn’t adjust to the time change all that well and I felt off for a about week. I’ve been in major book party mode with the holiday selling season upon us. That fills up a lot of evenings. I went away to a conference last weekend with some children’s ministry leaders from our church. The boys had a fantastic weekend Nana & Papa. I will admit that while I enjoyed the kid free time and while the conference was a wonderful resource, I often wished I could sneak back to the hotel and take nap or start my Christmas shopping. However, having a team come with us, kept my head in the game and made me responsible for participating.  The pictures I took that weekend were of my first pizza at MOD pizza and the “waffled” pancakes the hotel breakfast offered. I live an exciting life, folks.

While the first half of the month has just been keeping up with business, the second half should offer more fun and entertainment. This weekend we plan on going to my nephew’s birthday party. We also plan on starting our Christmas shopping. Then comes thanksgiving. I have a huge list of goodies that need to be baked. I’m making my baking schedule for Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday morning. Friday is the day we plan to decorate the inside of the house for Christmas. On Saturday the 24th, we’re hosting a holiday cookie decorating outing for our MOPS & MOMSnext group at the house. That should be fun… and sticky… So yes, as you can see, the latter half of the month promises to be quite holly, jolly, merry and bright.

Here are the photos I could find since my last post. Enjoy!


With the weekends being full, Jeremy got the Christmas lights up on the house at the very beginning of the month. He has since added lights to his greenhouse and the well house.  We love making our new home festive! 


We love Christmas jammies! We use them in November, December & beyond! 


Graham snuck into the class with Owen.


The boys got new trains with their birthday money that look like realistic CSX & BNSF trains. As you can see there was much joy when they arrived. 


The boys got new trains with their birthday money that look like realistic CSX & BNSF trains. As you can see there was much joy when they arrived. 


And more matching Christmas jammies… 


For some reason, Owen’s face looks like this about 70% of the day. Major & minor disappointments are met with this frown. I’m a little concerned he has this expression so often his face might freeze like that… 


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