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And in a blink, he is 5… October 9, 2018

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Where has time gone? Yesterday was Owen’s 5th birthday! I remember when 5 seemed so old. I couldn’t imagine him as a preschooler. Time is a funny thing. It moves quickly and slowly all at once. Those small infant days seemed like an eternity. However, each stage seems to fly by a little faster… toddler, preschooler, soon to be in elementary school… It never ceases to amaze me that Owen is less than a year away from full-time school. The home all-day days have been over for a while, but they are going to a whole new level next year. Anyone else depressed yet? Just me? Actually, while these milestone do make me sad, they also bring me joy – isn’t that life? I am so proud of the kid Owen is growing up to be. I like him so much! His personality, his interests, all of him. He is awesome!

Owen at age 5… He goes to preschool four days a week which is an upgrade from last year where he went three days a week. Owen loves the color yellow. He loves cars, trucks, trains, anything with wheels. He collects rocks and enjoys being outside exploring. One of his preschool classmates (a sweet girl) told her mom that Owen enjoys digging for worms in the dirt by himself at recess. So he is that kid… Owen tells me he loves me all the time and still asks to snuggle on the couch.

This last weekend was a big one! We apparently don’t know how to do things slow and small in our household. Friday was a wet day, but we drove down to Vancouver to go to the pumpkin patch with family. It’s become an annual tradition and it’s a really nice pumpkin patch, so we always accept the offer to go. After the pumpkin patch, we did our party shopping at Costco & Safeway and made it home in time to have a small friends gathering for Owen & Graham. We enjoyed pizza & cupcakes. The boys got Hot Wheels tracks from their friends since the birthday theme this year was Hot Wheels. The track got set up right away and that was all the entertainment they needed for the rest of the evening.

Friday night into Saturday morning was rough for me. I didn’t sleep well and woke up with a fever on Saturday. We had a big party happening at our house with both our families coming over. It wasn’t like I could cancel my plans for the day… It was a rough couple hours, but thanks to lots of Advil and Diet Dr. Pepper, I was able to subdue my fever and consequent headache.  By party time I was good to go. I am claiming it as a miracle and a God thing! The boys had a blast at the party with their cousins and family. They got spoiled with gifts, ate lots of candy from the pinata and enjoyed their Hot Wheels themed party to the max. Another birthday in the record books.

Yesterday was the first time that Owen’s birthday fell on a “normal” day where life just had to happen. There was preschool, work, MOPS. It wasn’t a whole day dedicated to him. I struggled with that. Truthfully, he had a fantastic day. He took muffins to school, had dinner at Taco Bell and brought cookies to share with his MOPS class. He loved his birthday presents (which I bought on Amazon Saturday night after their birthday party, because that’s how I roll). It just wasn’t the way I would have chosen to celebrate his birthday, but I had MOPS & MOMSnext commitments and my co-coordinator is in Europe and we were kicking off a big fundraiser… so there were a million reasons why I couldn’t skip. However, despite being offered all kinds of other plans, Owen still wanted to go to MOPS with me no matter what. He really has built his own community at MOPS, just like me.

There you have the big update on my fabulous 5 year old! Below are some pictures to catch you up on life with the Scotts.



Pumpkin Patch 



Pizza with friends! 



Pinata at the family party



Safeway didn’t have the decoration pack I wanted, so we got creative with our own monster truck and Hot Wheels cars. 


These boys love costumes! They now have a whole closet to choose from! 


In the middle of all the birthday celebrations, we had our first Growth Group of the fall.  Making the total count for people at our house this weekend – 55! 


Our official 5 year old! 


A cupcake at lunch 


Present time! 


I was checking on classrooms and entered right as they were starting to sing Happy Birthday to Owen. He was beaming!


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