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Good-Bye September September 30, 2018

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I feel like September was just starting… last week. And now it’s done. That month seriously went in a blink.

A lot has happened since my last post. We spent a lovely day at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium. The was beautiful weather. We stopped by Owen Beach (an actual beach in Point Defiance Park) and threw rocks into the sound. The perfect family day… and then Owen came down with a terrible virus the next day that completely changed our week. Owen threw up 11 times in one day. And then stopped drinking… and eating. I felt so bad for him. I was also slightly worried because not only did I have to miss our annual staff retreat, but we had family pictures that weekend. Owen looked like he could be an extra in a horror movie with his pale skin and sunken eyes… Just add some red paint for dramatic effect. Luckily, I think the pictures turned out okay. We’ve seen a few sneak peeks, but we’ll know for sure when all the photos become available this week. I was literally praying in the shower before we left for pictures – “Please Jesus! I just one want Christmas card worthy photo! Just one!”

The next big adventure after the zoo, the virus and family pictures was the boys’ early birthday present from my parents. They got us a one night stay at The Great Wolf Lodge. It’s the perfect combination our boys since Graham loves hotels and Owen loves water. The overnight stay was so much fun and the boys didn’t want to leave. Owen got to do the big inter-tube rides while Graham mostly played on some jet skis in the shallow area. Let’s just say, you can only sit beside a jet ski in shallow water for so long before it gets old… real fast… Jeremy got to bop around with Owen to the wave pool, the rides and checking in on Graham… and I sat by the jet ski. Good times. For boys who really don’t need more toys, this was the perfect “experience” gift for them. Also, thanks to the blessing of a friend, we were able to stay in one of their kid suite rooms with bunk beds for the friends and family rate. Such a special treat. We felt very loved!

More milestones in the family, Graham has transitioned to a big boy bed! We’ve done two nights and a nap time in the bed so far and all is well. The first night he did ask for crib, but I think it was because it was familiar. Graham has slept on enough twin beds while we’ve traveled that I didn’t figure he would have an issue with it. He is doing awesome with new big boy set-up. Now if we can get him out of diapers, we’ll really truly be out of the baby stage here in the Scott household (so many feels about that). Yesterday, I bought carpet cleaner and starting tomorrow, if we are home Graham will be bare buns with potty training toilets set up. I didn’t really want to go about this method but I think it might be my last resort for this stubborn kid. Since we are never home all day, every day, I plan on using pull-ups for out and about time, nap time and bed time. Prayers are greatly appreciated!

This first week of October coming up is especially busy, but with all good things. Major highlights will be going to the pumpkin patch, the boys’ birthday party and our first growth group at our house! I can’t wait to fill you in after the big party and hopefully I’ll have some Christmas card worthy photos to share with you as well from our family pictures. October is my favorite month of the year and I am so excited to kick it off tomorrow! Woo hoo!


Visiting the zoo & aquarium 



Owen Beach 


Owen learned about rocky beaches at Owen Beach. 


Trying to talk my sick kid into drinking PediaSure milkshakes. It didn’t work… 


Getting family pictures at home before the real family pictures! Photo credit for this shot goes to Owen Scott. 



All my boys!



Enjoying our stay at The Great Wolf Lodge. I didn’t take my phone into the water park, so there aren’t a lot of pictures from our stay. 


Hotel life! 


Donuts and playground time for our MOPS & MOMSnext September outing. 


Graham loves his big boy bed! 


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  1. Yes it went by so fast!! The pictures of your kids are so cute!! Great post.

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