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September in full swing! September 17, 2018

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Oh September! This month seems like no big deal, but then all the things just happen to fall in one month and in some cases the span of one week. I didn’t expect the start of preschool, MOPS & MOMSnext and hunting season to be so zany, but it turns out that is a lot of change to our family schedule. Kids can go bananas when the schedule changes. Our days have been a bit nutty, but we’re slowly adapting to our new routine and the commitments that come with the fall. Jeremy spent the weekend at church for Man Camp and then at the end of this week we have Staff Retreat. Our kids can’t keep track of all the comings and goings. I’m grateful for today where we have a quiet day around the house. Owen had preschool this morning, I cleaned the house, Graham played happily with no agenda – there was no rush to be off somewhere. The rest of the week won’t be like this, but today is quiet and that is just the calm we need before the pace picks up again.

Owen is back to school and adjusting fairly well to our new four day a week schedule. Today he asked me to pack him a lunch to take to school. The school offers lunch but he doesn’t eat it. Instead he has been coming home and eating with us before nap time. However, he informed me that I could pack him a lunch and then he would eat that with his friends. Truthfully, I’m hoping this packing a lunch thing doesn’t stick.  I figured next year I would be a slave to the lunch packing routine. I wasn’t ready for that to be a this year thing. Apart from school, Owen is still very much interested in all the things that Jeremy enjoys. Owen will ask Jeremy how hunting went and then look at all the pictures and videos that Jeremy took from the day. On the first day it started raining, Owen was so excited because it would be good for the grass. On Friday, Jeremy was covering some the “bare” spots in our yard with grass seed. Owen was helping cover these spots and explaining to Jeremy and I that these were “bear” spots where the bears took up the grass seed by stepping them. He wasn’t too concerned that these “bear” spots were so close to the house.

Graham is enjoying the time that Owen is away at school for one on one time with me. He also greatly enjoys getting to play with all the toys without sharing. It was amazing to me how well the boys played together all summer and then once Owen went back to school how the dynamic shifted. Owen is excited to come home and play with the toys that he has missed all morning and Graham is super upset because they had all been his that morning. I overheard Graham counting to 10 yesterday all on his own. I feel like with Graham I’ve been less focused on learning letters, numbers, colors. We talk about those things, but I think I was more disciplined with Owen. It was thrilling to hear Graham counting all on his own. Graham is also in for some major changes soon. We are close to making his crib into a toddler bed. He got out of his crib a week or so ago and it restarted our conversations. While I’m not a huge fan of mobility, he is almost three and this is the same time we made the change for Owen. Graham also is about to get put through potty training boot camp. I’m going to get some carpet/floor cleaner and we’ll make this happen in October. It is clear that Graham isn’t going to initiate potty training… Again, he is almost three. It’s about time. The personality differences are really starting to show between the two boys. I am at a loss because things that motivated Owen, don’t motivate Graham. This little boy remains a Mama’s boy and loves to spend his time with me. While I sometimes worry he is too attached, I am grateful for the snuggles and love and that I get to be his person.

The Jeremy update is that early hunt is winding down now. He only did elk season this year, so it made for a shorter season. I am grateful for that because the boys literally ask when is Daddy going to be home every half hour when Jeremy is out hunting. Owen especially wishes he could go out with Jeremy. His time will come, just not yet. When Jeremy isn’t out trying to fill the freezer with elk, he is working on our yard and garden. He harvested another around of pumpkins this last week. Like I mentioned before, he is also working to fill in the bare spots in the yard. Growing grass is a multi-phase project. It’s really coming along too! It’s such a joy to see green surrounding our house! I am so grateful that Jeremy loves the outside work and does such a great job making our yard a usable space for our family.

As for me, the biggest thing on my plate has been MOPS & MOMSnext kicking off last week. It was great to have 41 ladies in the room and that same amount of kiddos/volunteers in the childcare classrooms for a total of 82 people on site for the night. The evening went smoothly and it was wonderful to see a lot of new faces who haven’t been a part of our group before. I am so thankful for the fantastic team of ladies I get to serve alongside. The first night of MOPS & MOMSnext definitely left me looking forward to our next meeting with great anticipation!

That’s the Scott update for now! We’re looking forward to a fun day at a new zoo tomorrow and then a very special pre-birthday treat for the boys next week. While September has been busy and a bit crazy, we still have thrown a lot of fun into the mix as well!


Dressing up at church


Owen helped me make some flower deliveries for Grandparent’s Day. He picked out what flowers each set of grandparents got. 


Loving the Find Your Fire theme at MOPS & MOMSnext year!  


Lamby got a costume! We love all things fall in this household! Costumes are high on our list right now. 


MOPS & MOMSnext in action!


A milk & cake pops kind of day. I might spoil the boys while Jeremy is away… 


Graham “hole” heartedly agrees! 


Preschool drop off – Graham wasn’t going to school, but needed his backpack, just like brother. 


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  1. Awww how he wanted a backpack like his brother. Thanks for sharing!

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