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After Two Years… September 6, 2018

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It’s a two blog post week! Yipee for you! And for me!

I wanted to share with you in a little more detail how much fun I’ve been having decorating my house for fall. Two years ago, we were boxing up our house in preparation to move in with my-laws. Even though we didn’t move until October, I didn’t pull out the fall decorations. Last year, we were living with my in-laws while we were building our home. So it’s been two years since I’ve been able to decorate a house for the seasons and let me tell you, I am overjoyed!!!

I have a thing for miniature pumpkins – especially Baby Boos and Jack Be Littles! They are one of my favorite things on the planet. If Jeremy would follow my instructions, we wouldn’t have a “garden”, we’d have a pumpkin patch. In fact, I keep telling him this would the perfect use for our extra acres. He hasn’t complied… Anyway, Jeremy did grow a small army of pumpkins this year. The Baby Boos especially took off with a flourish! I will admit that I started my fall decorating last Thursday even though it was still August (I even turned my calendars over). I couldn’t help myself. On Friday, Jeremy went to the garden and got me the first round of pumpkins. We have more coming in a few weeks!


Pumpkin Harvest – Round One

I was able to go to Hobby Lobby and get a few more fall items for the house. Also, the day I went shopping with my sister, I got a few more things. Our new additions this year are a door mat, some throw pillows, a new tablecloth (a vinyl forest animal one for the kids to destroy over the next few months), a new “thankful” sign and small hay bale. I pulled out our existing fall decor from the garage and added the mini pumpkins – and BAM! Autumn arrived!


Can’t wait to add more pumpkins soon!


Pumpkins everywhere and our new tablecloth!


Experimenting with new pillows

For me, September really is the start of the year. It’s back to school, back to MOPS & MOMSnext, new kids in church classes. So much begins in September. It’s a time full of anticipation as we get used to new routines, new classes, new kids, new friends. I feel a bit like a kid on the first day of school as I prepare for my MOPS & MOMSnext year to start and as we get ready to host a growth group in our home in October. I get nervous about meeting new people, but I am also excited to see familiar faces in those groups as well.

I’ve always love the fall season the most and that means the decorations go a long way when it comes to celebrating my favorite time of year. I didn’t realize how much I would miss decorating until I didn’t have a home of my own. I am not a pro at interior design. This isn’t a blog about the latest home trends. I honestly thought that since I’m so low-key about home decor, I wouldn’t miss it as much as I did. But then I realized how much of yourself goes into making a space your home and what it offers to your family. It’s a place of self expression and it provides a sense of security. At least, it does for me and I wouldn’t have known that without walking through the last few seasons of our journey.

In closing, here are few more thoughts from around the house. We are currently trying to grow grass. We have green starting to take over where there was once brown. Praise the Lord!!! It’s a multi-phase project, but just seeing the first bit of green in the yard is such a wonderful sight! Jeremy also planted some nice fall colored mums to make our front entry way even more inviting. We are slowly working on our landscaping and turning into a yard we can be proud of. And by “we”, I mean Jeremy. I give input. If he asks for it.


The beginnings of a yard! See the green?

I know I don’t mention it enough here, but I’ve been keeping up with my reading over the summer. It’s been nice to reconnect with my books. I’ve re-read quite a few of them since we unpacked. This August, I got three new books and I enjoyed each of them. Girl, Wash Your Face & Everybody, Always were very motivating, empowering and inspiring books.  The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society was a choice based off the new Netflix movie and one of my favorite bloggers. She mentioned it was one of the books she returns to often and even though the book isn’t like the movie, she still really enjoyed the movie. I chose the right order since I watched the movie and then read the book, so the movie wasn’t spoiled. The history in the story was so interesting, sad and also inspiring since it tells the story of the channel islands and the German occupation during WWII.


And that wraps up post number two for the week. I’m loving the fall vibes. From the new decor, to the new routine, to the cold mornings, sunny afternoons and chilly nights. We are settling into this season with much appreciation and anticipation.


Your thoughts?

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