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Back to School 2018 September 4, 2018

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This is the first time we can actually say it’s “back” to school day! Owen went back for year two of preschool this morning. The great part of going to preschool at our church is that Owen is familiar with his classroom. It’s the same one he is in on Sundays, Mondays and Wednesdays for church. On an average week, Owen will visit the “orange room” Sunday through Thursday. Some days, twice a day! Here’s hoping he doesn’t get bored with it! The first day was a success and Jeremy treated Owen to fries and Hawaiian Punch at McDonald’s to celebrate!


Now let’s go backwards to the last few weeks of our summer. I had greater and grander plans for how summer was going to wrap up. But I’ve been batting a sinus infection for going on three weeks now. The smoke arrived and set in motion what felt like an endless illness. Jeremy kept telling me to go to the doctor and I kept saying that I’ve been sick for so long it must be over soon… but it never happened. I should have gone to the doctor. Lesson learned. Even now I don’t have my energy back, but I’m in less pain and I don’t sound as strange as I did before, so I do think I’m on my way to getting better.

Despite being under the weather, I tried to make the last few weeks of summer fun for the kids. Some of the days we were forced to be inside because of air quality. We worked on our letters, numbers, shapes, colors, memory verses. Owen got Clifford books and a DVD from the library. We don’t check out a lot of things from the library, so Owen is very upset that we eventually have to give them back. We enjoyed some play dates with friends and a birthday party for Cousin Colton! We had a young families BBQ at the church where Owen ran around with friends on the inflatables. We made one last trip down to the Oregon Zoo. Our zoo day turned into quite the adventure because they were filming a movie there that day. It was a wild day and not because of the animals.  We also explored a newly opened indoor play spot in Longview with friends. It was mostly inflatables and climbing toys and was a great place to run off some energy!

After a couple days of go, go, go, we spent most of Labor Day weekend resting. I had to stop and slow down in order to get better. Even though our Labor Day weekend was low key, we still managed to make it exciting for the kids. We decorated the house for fall. Jeremy harvested the first round of mini pumpkins from his garden. We set up our 6 person dome tent in the living for an indoor camp out! I spent part of the night in the tent with the boys and when I woke up in the morning, it felt like the full camping experience. Jeremy joked all we needed was the dewy feeling and it would be spot on. We also got to spend a little time with both sets on grandparents. Overall, a wonderful and quiet-ish long weekend.

And now we are learning our new routine. Summer vacation is over. I was so nervous about how this summer was going to go and it turned out to be way more awesome that I expected. We did so many fun things and had so many adventures! We also have so much good stuff coming up this fall. It makes saying good-bye to summer a bit easier. In each season, God is good. I feel so blessed and so thankful for where we are. I am looking forward to what this next season holds for us!


These boys love to match


Getting ready for back to school


Our giant pumpkin 


Owen’s current obsession 


Happy 2nd Birthday, Colton! 


That blue frosting… 


Playing at church 


Playing at the park 


End of summer trip to the zoo


Train ride at the zoo 


Burning off the energy at The Family Room


Burning off the energy at The Family Room


Cleaning up the pumpkin harvest – round one! We have more that will be ready in a few weeks. 


Tent camping in the living room


Tent camping in the living room


Tent camping in the living room


Tent camping in the living room


Owen went scouting with Jeremy in prep for elk season. 


Back to school questions 


The difference a year makes!  2017 & 2018 first day of school photos. 


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