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Prep Mode: Fall is coming… August 13, 2018

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August arrived and with it came the realization that things needed to get done before September knocks on our door. It’s been such a fun summer playing with my kids that it’s has been a bit hard to pull myself out of party mode and become a serious adult again with responsibilities. We still have some summer fun up our sleeves before the end of August and that is helping me cope with the countdown to September.

The main thing that kicked into full speed has been MOPS & MOMSnext prep. We just had our leadership planning retreat at my house this weekend. It was a such an honor to welcome these fantastic leaders into my home and spend Friday night and Saturday morning dreaming with them about the upcoming MOPS & MOMSnext school year. I had fun making the “Find Your Fire” theme come to life in the decor for the weekend. Along with prepping for our weekend of planning, we had an outing at the spray park today (more on that later) and tomorrow we will be sponsoring the kid’s club at our local farmer’s market. We have less than a month until our first meeting so the clock is ticking. After the spray park today, I took off for Hobby Lobby to finish up our door prize shopping. Every day I’m checking items off the to-do list and turning it into a to-done list.

The other responsibility that needs some prepping is back to school shopping for Owen. Luckily, we aren’t at the school supply list stage yet, but he is wearing all the same clothes he went to preschool in last fall. And he has probably grown 4 inches since then. While I was hosting our leadership retreat this weekend, Jeremy took the boys out Friday night to do back to school shopping. My friends all joked about trusting Jeremy with this sacred task. He did pretty well with the exception of a clearance Snoopy 4th of July shirt. Not exactly what I had in mind for back to school clothes. The cutest surprise on Friday was my little boys walking in dressed up as a firemen. Jeremy had made an executive call and got their Halloween costumes early. Last year we went back and forth so much on what the boys should be. He wanted to avoid that this year. More power to him. Plus, the boys are just starting to get into dress up, so I’m hoping we can add to their costume collection soon. What better time then right around Halloween? Lots of costume choices out there.

Moving on to my funny spray park story… Jeremy had promised to drive back up to camp today to make sure the next team was prepped for their week of camp. As a long time director and having already finished with a week of camp this summer, he was happy to lend a hand. The boys really wanted to see the camp where Daddy stayed for a week, so Jeremy invited them along for the adventure. Originally, I was going to join them for this outing up north, but later Jeremy suggested I stay home and use the quiet the time to do whatever I wanted… Whatever I wanted looks like MOPS & MOMSnext emailing, Usborne book party prep, cleaning the house, lots of laundry, organizing MOPS & MOMSnext stuff to take to the church, going shopping in Olympia and coming home to do online shopping… oh and going to the spray park for an MOPS & MOMSnext outing without my kiddos in tow! As silly has it sounds, I thought it might be fun to hang out with the moms and not have the pressure of watching my own kids. The only downside was I stayed for about 15 minutes at the park because no one was there. A couple friends had told me they couldn’t make it today and another friend said she ended up showing up late. No big deal. Summer play dates can be hit or miss and for some reason the spray park never has a strong showing… put that in the notes for next year… Anyway, I could have skipped the outing, but my “I’m the leader, I need to be at everything” training just wouldn’t let me leave it be. Plus, sitting in the sun for 15 minutes before going to Hobby Lobby wasn’t going to kill me. I got my Vitamin D for the day.

The week ahead is full of adventure. It’s really the last jammed packed week I have for this summer. But you’ll just have to hear about that in my next post. See you in a week!


Donuts with the grandparents


Summer Bliss


Lots to do


Breakfast out with Dad


Hanging with my boys 


Last day of swim lessons = fun day = jump off the diving board day


Another session completed! 


When the theme is Find Your Fire, you play YouTube videos of a campfire to set the mood! 


The MOPS & MOMSnext team that I am honored to serve alongside! 


My little fireman! 


Doesn’t get much cuter! 


Blackberry picking for the summer family challenge


Cute Pumpkins! 


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