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Life Lessons from Daniel Tiger August 6, 2018

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When you’re walking through certain seasons of life, things can stick and create very poignant memories of that period in time. This week I was reminded of one of those seasons by a Daniel Tiger song. Flashback to August 2016, Graham was still an infant & Owen was two. We had a DVD of Daniel Tiger episodes and we often watched the episode where ducky has to go to the farm. This makes Daniel sad and the song for the episode goes “It’s okay to be sad sometimes. Little by little you’ll feel better again.” I heard this song over and over again and in a way in become my mantra, something I sang to myself. We were selling our first home and packing up all our belongings. And then the sale of the house fell through (for the first time). My husband was under a lot of stress and it was having a negative impact on his health. While we were on the cusp of a great adventure in building our home, this month of August was uncertain and scary. I was excited for the prospect of building our dream house, but I was packing up my belongings to send to storage for what ended up being almost a year and a half. I was leaving the home we brought out babies home to from the hospital. I was a mom of two young boys just trying to sleep through the night and process a lot of big life stuff at the same time. I was sad. The sad song was something that I related to and it didn’t help that I heard it over and over again thanks to our love of Daniel Tiger.

Why am I sharing all of this? Graham pulled out that DVD this weekend and wanted to watch the ducky episode. As I heard the song, I thought about how far we’ve come since that song was constantly stuck in my head. And the truth is little by little, I do feel better about where we are now. Working through habits to handle stress better, building a house, living in transition – those weren’t easy situations. They were, however, good and worth it in the long run. When we moved into our new house, the first song we played as we moved in was “Grateful” by Elevation Worship. I was so thankful! Even now, I’m still basking in the joy of being home, being settled and being in a new season as a family. This summer especially has felt like a gift. So much fun has been had, so many sweet memories have been made.  As I listened to the sad song this week, I remembered how real those feelings were at the time and how little by little we walked through the hard stuff into a season of joy. I know that the song “Grateful” will always hold a special place in my heart as our moving day song. Memories have stuck to these melodies and it’s amazing how hearing a familiar tune can take you back to another time and place. All I know is that God is good no matter what we’re walking through and Daniel Tiger is was right – little by little you’ll feel better again!


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