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How We Survive Kids Camp Week August 3, 2018

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Every year my husband directs a week of camp for our network. It’s the same camp that our Bethel Kids attend, so he gets the two hats of director and children’s pastor to wear. Every summer I pretend like this week isn’t coming and then it happens and we survive and life goes on. My main strategy for surviving a week without Jeremy is to pack the week full of fun things. Every day is an adventure. It makes the days fly by quickly. And helps the boys to sleep hard at night! This year we’ve been burning the candle at both ends with morning play and evening swim lessons.

I want to give a huge shout out to my people, my tribe, the village that is helping me raise these wild boys. Each day I’ve had an adventure with a family member or a MOPS & MOMSnext friend. I had help from both sets of grandparents for swim lessons. While I was “single momming” it this week, I was not alone. I had my people with me and it made all the difference! And truth be told, Jeremy had to come home on Tuesday to sign some papers, so we got 15 surprise hours with Daddy around (half of those hours were spent sleeping, but I sleep so much better when he is home, so I’ll take any unexpected time I can get). I am thankful, grateful and blessed by the people I get to do life with. I couldn’t imagine a week on my own with the community we have here.

So here is how we survived the week of kids camp:

  • Monday: Multnomah Falls & IKEA with Auntie April & Grandma
  • Tuesday: Park play date with friends & an unexpected visit from Jeremy
  • Wednesday: Dollar summer movie & children’s museum with friends
  • Thursday: Play Date at our house with friends & a quick visit from Auntie April
  • Friday: Lattin’s Cider Mill with Grandma

Now we are counting down the hours, minutes, seconds until Jeremy is back home with us. We sure do love and miss that man he is not around. I’m grateful for technology that lets us video chat and for text messages through out the day or a phone call right before bed. While he is away, we still can connect! What a blessing!


Stopped by the library to turn in our summer reading program and pick up our free goodies!


Visiting Chehalis Fest


Chehalis Fest 


Cleaning up for a summer wedding

IMG_E1114 crop

Our little family!


Multnomah Falls


Sharing dessert at IKEA


Graham’s first swimming lesson. He likes the water about as much as we expected… so not a lot, but he is making it.


Swimmer dudes!


Graham’s first movie in the theater!


Children’s museum in the mall with friends.


I surprised Owen and let him have a sleepover in my room last night. He was so happy! 


Our last scheduled outing! Playing around Lattin’s Cider Mill & eating doughnuts. 




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