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And the countdown is on… July 26, 2018

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I wasn’t paying attention at the beginning of the summer to how many weeks were before us. Now that we have crossed the halfway mark and there are only five weeks left to summer, it’s starting to feel like time is picking up speed. I know five weeks will disappear in the blink of an eye. I want to be intentional with how we spend them.  Things been so wonderful so far. I want to keep that momentum going!

July has felt very out of routine. The first week had the holiday in the middle of it.  The second week was VBA and the last two weeks have been swim lessons. Swim lessons have been a fantastic opportunity for Owen. Because we got the earliest class, I would take Owen or Owen & Graham to swim lessons and then we would race off to your next morning commitment. We’ve had 3 play dates this week all happening right after swim lessons. It’s been a busy pace, but worth all the fun! And because Owen did so well and enjoyed swim lessons so much, we are adding another session to our summer for the next two weeks. It mix things up we are shooting for the evening sessions. And if all goes as planned, Graham will be signed up for the guided discovery class where he and an adult (me the first week, Jeremy the second week) will be in the pool getting used to the water. Graham is way more timid about water, so I think this will be a good chance for him to get his feet wet (pun intended).

This week we had a play date at a local creek, we had my MOPS & MOMSnext group over for a s’mores night, we had out of state friends over to see the house and a play date with the cousins! So much good stuff! And if that week didn’t sound exciting enough, you should hear about our weekend before that.

Friday we did our final Day Out with Thomas. We took Owen when he was two and he loved it. Now it was Graham’s turn to be delighted by a ride on Thomas (even though he was a part of the last ride, but he wasn’t even a year old, so of course, he has no memory of it). Owen loves trains and he had a good time, but this trip really was right up Graham’s alley! Graham even got to pick lunch at Panda Express which is a favorite of his that we haven’t gotten to recently. Owen has decided that he isn’t as into Panda now, so we’ve gone less. The last few weeks have been good for Graham. While Owen is busy in the mornings, Graham has been having one-on-one outings and adventures. Jeremy even took Graham to run an errand with him recently and apparently Graham just chattered away soaking up the time to be the only kid. It reminds us how important is for both kids to get time to be independent of each other.  But back to Thomas, it was a hit! Super fun and a great memory. We made it home in time to attend a wedding at the church. I’m always nervous about taking kids to a wedding, but the boys did better than expected. Saturday we did a major shopping day. Jeremy needed clothes for kids camp, we needed to come up with outfits for upcoming family pictures and we needed all the pantry items imaginable. We joked that Walmart and Costco had to close after we left. We bought all the things. After so much running around, the boys and I stayed home on Sunday to watch a bulldozer work on my parent’s property. I felt bad about missing church, but the kids were fascinated by the bulldozer and I was just grateful to not have to leave the house after so much activity. I needed that down day before heading into this week.

I often share with you what Owen is up to because he is the big kid that gets to go out and do the more impressive activities, so I wanted to share with you a bit about Graham before I wrap things up. Graham “loves” things these days. He is often sharing what he loves with us. He loves hotels, he loves his friends, he loves food. Lots of a love coming from Graham. He got to be a delivery boy with Grandma earlier this week. He brought flowers to Nana at work and helped deliver a cake to be served at our local mission’s lunch program.  In the last month, he has mastered his balance bike and zips around like a pro now. He is still my silly kid. At nap time I have check on him multiple times because he is having such a party with his stuffy buddies. We’ve also had the realization in the last month that Graham snores. We knew he did when slept in the van, but after our time at the beach we realized he snores all the time. At one point on our beach trip, Owen said he couldn’t sleep because Graham was snoring too loud!

Okay! That’s the update for now! We have just a few days left in the month and our plans include checking a few more things off of our summer family challenge and some family time before sending Jeremy off to kid’s camp for the week. He leaves on Sunday. This is the one week of summer I try to forget that it is coming. Just block it out!!! My way of coping with Jeremy’s absence is to fill the days so they go fast.  And now with the addition of another round of swim lessons, I can say without a doubt that our days will be packed full! Plans every morning, plans every evening. Stayed tuned!


Our new fire pit! We love it!


When you have family working on the railroad near you then you must stop by and say hi. My railroad fans loved the quick visit.


Don’t let the tense smile worry you, all Scotts had a great time at our Day Out with Thomas!


Day Out with Thomas


Day Out with Thomas


Graham is full of personality!


Blanket Fort


Blanket Fort


Blanket Fort


When your a boy mom, you spend the whole morning watching a bulldozer flatten piles of dirt….


Creek play date on a hot day. Perfect place to be!


Childhood at its finest!


MOPS & MOMSnext S’mores Night


My heart is so full to have a backyard filled with fun, friends and food!


A visit with Tennessee friends


Today was fun day at swimming lessons, so Owen got to play in the little kid splash section and then his class went into the deep end and he got to jump off the diving board!


Owen has been all smiles in the pool this week, so it’s perfect that he has all smiles on the swim skills he accomplished! Level 1 here we come! 


The sign of a really good play date… or a natural disaster! 


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