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Making It Our Best Summer July 17, 2018

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I was talking with a friend last week about how after moving into our house, I’ve been keeping my eyes out of the “next” big thing. I have my usual things – like MOPS & MOMSnext, my UBAM book business, church, kids, family… So far nothing “new” has come up. And truthfully, while it feels odd to not have a big thing hanging over me, it’s been a nice respite from the pace and the stress that our last few seasons of life have brought. Right now my main goal is just to make this summer the best summer possible for my kids. It doesn’t seem like anything to put on a resume and that’s okay. Making summer great for my boys has been such a joy to me. I’ve been seeing posts on Facebook about how we only 18 summers with each kids. So with Graham at the age he is now, that means I have 16 left total. And this one, this one is going to be one for the record books. Part of that is my boys being old enough to experience and appreciate more activities. It’s also because I made a to-do list before I decided to the summer family challenge, so with the addition of the summer family challenge, I’ve been able to be goal-driven (right in my element there) and all the to-do lists items are fun, so what’s not to love? Each week we have new adventures. Summer is half way over and if the the second half is as awesome as the first then are in for a treat and the best summer ever!

Some of our recent outings include bowling for the first time as a family. The boys loved bowling. We might have a new family favorite activity. Owen would go bowling every day if we let him. We celebrated another family birthday – we’ve had lots of those over the last month and a half. I love having the cousins all together to celebrate and play. Such good memories! And our current adventure is daily swim lessons this week and next week for Owen. He is having a blast and he is all smiles in the pool!


Owen graduated to a big boy bike with training wheels! 


My kitchen helper


Graham had to sit out a round of bowling once the fries arrived! He couldn’t be parted with them. 


Trying to get a family picture, but Graham wasn’t feeling it.


WOW! Bowling is fun! 


Gotta line up the shot! 


This little stinker wouldn’t stay in his class, so he joined me in children’s church… where he brought me a basket full of baby dolls. Not sure what to make of that! 


Splash Park Birthday Party


A super hot day calls for a chair in the shade 


Pink frosting to celebrate the ballerina of the family! 


Swimming Lessons Day 1 


Swimming Lessons Day 1 


Daddy even came to watch the first lesson and hang with Graham! 


Swimming Lessons Day 1 


Excited for Day 2 


This time Grandma came to watch and play with Graham! 


Super jazzed the teacher let him slide down the turtle!


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