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The Unofficial Start of Summer May 24, 2018

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Today is our unofficial start to summer. It was Owen’s last day of preschool. He will head back next fall for another year in a new class, but for now it’s on to summer days. I’ve adjusted quite nicely to the quiet time that having Owen out of the house has brought. Graham is very chill on his own and I’ve enjoyed our one-on-one time together. Owen usually wakes up earlier than Graham from nap time, so that is when I get my one-on-one time with him. I will admit that I’m nervous about these summer days, all of us together. My boys are pretty good if I can keep them busy and out of the house. If we’re off on an adventure then they behave fairly well. Our down time at home tends to turn into endless fighting pretty quick. They often fight over toys or someone wants to do one thing and the other has a different plan. It is draining to constantly be stepping into brotherly battles. With this is in mind, I’ve made a list of things I want to do this summer with the boys. I have about 10 outings/events thought out. And then of course there will be play dates with friends and visits to the park. I hope I can keep them busy and occupied. And I hope I have the energy I need to keep up with it all! I also plan on using my book rewards through UBAM to stock up on activity books. Owen and I created a summer crafts Pinterest board after nap time yesterday. I’m optimistic we can survive the summer and actually enjoy it as well!

I wish I had a victorious potty training update to share with you. This week we’ve had more time around the house, so I thought it was the perfect time to start potty training Graham. I was wrong. While we had some progress, the truth is Graham doesn’t want to potty train. The rewards don’t motivate him. I decided to hold off for now. I’m not sure if I’ll try again this summer or wait until the fall. I would really like for him to be interested in it. The two days that we attempted it this week were a constant battle. So we’re off to buy another box of diapers this weekend when go out shopping. Looks like we’re not quite there yet. Each kid is different and potty training Graham is nothing like potty training Owen. I didn’t know I had it so good with Owen until now.

This weekend should be a fun one! On Saturday, we are hosting a BBQ for our MOPS & MOMSnext group. I’m looking forward to opening my home up to our group and having their families over. The yard is a bit rough and I expect a lot of dirt will get walked into my house. I’m mentally preparing myself for it. Hopefully good food and good company will make up for it. On Monday, I have a family BBQ to attend in the afternoon and then we have our regular MOPS & MOMSnext meeting in the evening. I expect attendance to be down because of the holiday, but that’s okay. It should make things cozy. We have a powerful DVD lesson on forgiveness. It should inspire some great discussion around the table.

It’s hard to believe that May is wrapping up in a week. To me if feels like it’s still the start of the month. The time in our house continues to be such a blessing to our family. The boys have loved having the grandparents as neighbors. Now that the weather has been warmer, we’ve been out walking and playing in the evenings. Grandpa & Grandma often join us. The boys don’t seem to mind the dirt and prickles in the backyard. Graham has already reclaimed his position has King of the Swing. That kid would sit in a swing for hours if we let him. Jeremy and I combined some gift cards and our own Mother’s Day and Father’s Day presents to get the boys a new play set. If I want to survive the summer and enjoy my time outside, I need the boys to have an awesome place to play. It should be arriving on June 12th and I’m curious to see how long it takes to put together!

That’s the beginning of summer update for us! I’m sure there will be lots of posts in the future about our fun summer adventures and how we keep busy during these long sunny days. I’m looking forward to making some memories and making it back to the fall routine again!


Loaded Graham up for a coffee date. Remembered snacks and toys, but forgot his shoes. 


While Jeremy was away at conference last weekend, Grandpa, Grandma, Auntie April and I loaded the boys up for an adventure day in Portland! 


Trying out a new donut shop



Enjoying a visit to Powell’s City of Books. I thought we would buy 2 books and instead we walked out with 5. The problem of being a book lover. 


Reading with Grandpa


Taking a power nap at IKEA


A wonderful McDonald’s dinner at our favorite park by the train tracks. 



Waiting in hopeful expectation for a train 


We almost left but a train finally arrived. And it was full of garbage. It smelled so bad but the kids were so happy! 


Watching the Royal Wedding with Owen… and a penguin. Makes sense, right? 


Have I mentioned my boys are wild?


The combination of an unmotivated potty trainer mixed with an overly enthusiastic older brother was a bit of a disaster.  


Such a good picture of these two! We were super happy to have Daddy home after being gone all weekend. 


Loving the warmer weather for walking our long driveway! 


Sharing one of my favorite childhood storybooks with Owen. 


Celebrating the end of the school year at Burger King! 


The difference a year makes! 


2 Responses to “The Unofficial Start of Summer”

  1. teacherturnedmommyblog Says:

    I found when my sons were younger that I needed to have a loosely structured schedule for our days. I included things like art project/academic time, quiet time in their rooms, outside playtime, inside playtime. I also stared them in helping with the household chores such as dusting, sweeping, wiping the table, cleaning their dishes from the table. I found that if they had some routine it helped with the I don’t know what to do times of the day

    • Amy Scott Says:

      I totally agree with loose structure. We are a very routine family. All our of meals and nap time happen (mostly) at the same time each day. We have a specific flow to settle the kids down for bed time. It will be a transition having my oldest home more, but I think we’ll find our new normal quickly. I tend to operate best in routine, so I’m sure we’ll find a new one for summer.

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