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Mom Life & Mother’s Day May 15, 2018

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This last week I got to go to my first “Muffins with Mom” at Owen’s preschool. I really didn’t want to go to Owen’s preschool at 8:00am and eat a muffin, but I also didn’t want to supply my child with the scarring memory of his mom not being present at a Mother’s Day event. Despite the early morning, it was fun to see Owen in his classroom. The class performed a Mother’s Day song with a slideshow in the background. The moms were all present with a craft bouquet made of sticks, glue and confetti pieces. I felt very honored.

I’ve now celebrated 6 Mother’s Days if you count the one where I was pregnant with Owen. It’s hard to believe it’s been that many. Now that my kiddos are older, it’s fun to see what card they create with Daddy. This is the first time Owen has been able to sign his own name to my Mother’s Day card. He is getting so good at it! This year we celebrated Mother’s Day with lunch with Nana and dinner with Grandma. It’s a blessing to be able to share Mother’s Day with our families. The highlight for me this year was being to host the meals in my home. I didn’t really have time to make anything homemade or fancy with it being a church day as well, but I enjoyed yummy Mexican take out for lunch and  pizza for dinner. We stocked up on cake, pie and ice cream, so of course, it was a good day! Owen performed the same song he learned for school at church on Sunday morning. It was great to watch him sing and do the motions. Like a true paparazzi mama, I took lots of pictures of videos. We also took a fair amount of pictures on Mother’s Day due to our new selfie stick. I got it for MOPS since we had a selfie photo contest last night, but Owen took an instant liking to it and I’ve now created a selfie monster. The best part for him is the remote that detaches from the handle.

On Friday, I got my hair cut. It’s the shortest it’s probably ever been. I feel like I’ve fully embraced the mom hair cut. It’s so quick to style in the morning. I love it! I was heading to coffee with a mom friend on Saturday. I got there first and took a few selfies to check out my new hair… here I was sitting in my minivan, with my high-waisted jeans and mom hair… all I need now is a kid in soccer. I am such a stereotype these days. And you know what? I am okay with that. Except the soccer part. I’m not into soccer. Anyway, I’m loving my life with my wild boys. I love my mom friends. I love my minivan. All of it.

Even being a part of a direct sales business feels a bit like the mom stereotype as well. I’m still loving my book business. Facebook made some changes in April that totally change how I do parties. It has complicated things. Since I’m always on the fence when it comes to how much time I will give this business, I’ve decided to scale things back. My new plan is do one party a week. This will mean that my parties won’t overlap as much and let me just focus on one party a time. This should also free up my time for three important things – my kiddos, my hubby and myself. I often work from home when my kids are around. It’s all balance and while I don’t feel bad working in front of them, I just want to work less in front of them. I thought when I moved and got my own space that it would take my UBAM business to the next level, but instead I find myself wanting to scale back. I feel more drawn to quiet time during nap time. Because I have the perfect spot for it in my new big master bedroom – I’ve started doing yoga a few times a week. We had one of our steering team members lead a yoga session in March for Spa Day and I loved it. It totally calmed and relaxed me. I’m using YouTube videos and I darken the room a bit. It’s nice to take 20-30 minutes to slow down, take a deep breath and do something that I enjoy. It might just be a phase, but I really hope to work a few days of yoga into my week. I’m also enjoying my usual hobbies of reading, journaling and blogging.

And then we come to MOPS & MOMSnext. Last night was our last craft night and it was a huge hit. We made pens that look like succulents and we gave all the moms a Free Indeed theme magnetic notepad. We did a selfie competition to get some pictures of our moms having fun together. We got some great photos last night. Super creative! I’m proud to report that my group won the contest. We took our picture with mops and then my table leader provided us with Mardi Gras beads. It was a very classy photo! We have two more meetings left this year before we switch over to summer play dates. This year of leading of MOPS & MOMSnext has been quite the adventure and I get to do it all over again next year. I’m in the process of looking for a few new team members. I have two more roles that need to be filled. If you think of me, pray that this team comes together! As this year comes to close, I’m already dreaming, planning and preparing for next year. Our theme will be “Find Your Fire” and focuses on moms getting back to those inner passions that make us uniquely who we are. This year’s focus on freedom has been good. I can’t wait to see how our moms use this new found freedom to spark a wild fire in their lives.

And that’s me and this mom life in a nut shell. I want to say a special thank you to my hubby for all the ways that he supports me and cheers me. I couldn’t any of this without his love and encouragement. He has been working hard away in our yard so it’s a place our family to play in and enjoy this summer. He has watched the boys for me so I can attend coffee chats, MOPS and invest in relationships & ministry. He puts the boys to bed on nights that I have book parties. Most of all, he listens to me.  I process a lot with him. He is always my rock, my second opinion, the voice that tells me it’s going to be okay. I am so grateful. Motherhood is hard and sometimes I’m in survival mode, but he makes everything 100% better… so I guess I’m transitioning this into a Father’s Day post. Just kidding! All that to say, my family is a blessing. I feel loved and I am loving where I’m at right now. It’s been nice to re-evaluate my schedule and what I feel called to do. There is so much freedom in walking through life knowing your purpose. God is good!


Doing some homework


Spotted kiddo. Thankful that Graham’s allergic reaction has now finished. 


Owen’s preschool creation


Muffins with Mom


Muffins with Grandma & Nana too


Muffins with Mom 


Testing out the new selfie stick!


Got to celebrate my sister-in-law’s birthday with a big family dinner. Owen clearly looks like the party is for him in this photo. 


Super silly, but our first family picture in our new home! 


Trying to get a picture with my boys on Mother’s day, but Graham wasn’t having it. 


Graham face makes me laugh so hard! 


The best one I could get with both boys. 


Graham opted to cry on the other couch while Owen the Selfie King wanted to take more pictures with me. 


Singing at church 


Lunch with Nana


Dinner with Grandma


The winning “MOPS” photo! I love these ladies so much! Blessed to be surrounded by such great mom friends!


Our last MOPS craft for the year! Super cute! 


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