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4 days! March 26, 2018

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Okay! We made it through the big weekend. We had our pre-walk through with our supervisor on Friday. We noted a few small things that need to be fixed and he is working hard to get our house ready for inspection tomorrow. Please be praying for the inspection to go well and pass. I’m fully aware that we might not pass. It’s life. I felt like I should be covering the inspection in prayer, but my prayers are so desperate and plea like that I raise my anxiety level. Prayer should be about calming my nerves not frantic begging, so I had to stop. I came to this place where I realized that if praying and dwelling on the inspection brought me anxiety, I just need to trust God.  Prayer is important. God knows my heart. He knows how much this means to me. I need to be still. I need to let go of fear and trust. My word today is trust. I want to trust God no matter what. Pass or fail, God is good and I need to trust him.

Passing our inspection on Tuesday would mean closing on Wednesday. This has a lot of bonuses since we could move some things into the house over the course of Thursday and Friday. And let face it, who doesn’t want to officially have the keys to your house sooner rather than later, for it to feel like it’s really ours. Despite the big day on Saturday, I went up the house and mopped the floors for the first time. I had to do it twice because they were so muddy. It could really even use a third time just to get it really good and clean, but I will save that for after moving day. On Saturday, all I was shooting for was “better.” The house looks really good now that it’s almost 100% complete. Really good! I love it. I can’t wait to live in it!

Friday was a big day of Easter Eggstravaganaza prep. Saturday was the BIG day. It’s truthfully the biggest day of the year for us. I joked that our lives fall before EE and after EE. It is our time marker. The day went well. Our nephews were up for the weekend, so all four kids got to go around enjoy the event and egg hunts together. They truly got to do it all. We had pony rides, inflatables, swing chair ride, petting zoo and the egg hunts. The kids had a blast. My boys left with my parents after the hunts to head up to a family birthday party. This allowed me to work at the MOPS bake sale and then go clean my house without worrying about kiddos needing me to come home. The boys had a great outing with Grandpa & Grandma. I was able to be a productive adult. It was a win-win.

Yesterday was Jeremy’s birthday. I feel bad that it fell the day after Easter Eggstravaganza and on a Sunday. We were all a bit tired from the big day before. I was able to get a cake for Jeremy to share with the kids in children’s church. We sang happy birthday to him twice and he blew out his candles without setting off the fire alarm system. Now that we have sprinklers installed at the church, Jeremy was worried about setting them off and having the water destroy a lot of equipment. Luckily, everything was fine! After nap time, we went up to the house to have dinner with Jeremy’s family and my parents. The plan was to bring the party to our new house and break it in with the first official family gathering there. But when we pulled up to the house, an Adair worker was there taking care of a few things. My parents graciously offered their home and we soon took it over with pizza and pie. It was a fun party and we are grateful to celebrate surrounded by loved ones. We got to give a quick tour of the house to our family members who haven’t seen it and share our vision with them. It’s a bummer we didn’t get to have the actual gathering at our house, but we have plenty of years ahead to make memories in that home.

The rest of the week is a bit up in the air. Tonight is our MOPS Spa Day. We have a chocolate fountain with everyone bringing something to dip. We’ll be doing relaxing yoga and making herbal milk baths to take home. I’m excited because it’s a come in your comfy clothes night. Hopefully I’m not the only one who does! Tomorrow is our home inspection. It’s also my next eye doctor appointment. I won’t go into too much detail, but my eyes are still bothering me. I’m continually trying to gauge if they are getting better and if the drops I’m taking are making a difference. When I don’t see quick results, my instinct is to quit. It’s not working, so I want to stop. I’m over it all. I’ll just live with eye discomfort. I’m not really sure how to tomorrow will go. That makes me nervous.  If we pass our inspection tomorrow then we should close with Adair on Wednesday. If we don’t pass tomorrow then closing will still most likely be Friday. Prayers are greatly appreciated! Hopefully my next post will be filled with wonderful news of us settled into our new space!


Helping Daddy set up for Easter Eggstravaganza! 


Pulled up the paper! I love my floors! And look at that handy dandy microwave! 


Love being able to see my floors! 


Getting ready for the MOPS Bake Sale! 


The kids has a great time at Easter Eggstravaganza! 


This is what the floors looked like the 2nd time I cleaned them… Hopefully, soon they won’t be this dirty! 


Blowing out his candles in children’s church. 


Lots of curious helpers at present time. 


37 candles on a chocolate pie! 



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