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10 Days! March 21, 2018

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We’re almost in the single digits to moving day. Woo hoo! I know I only blogged a few days ago, but I thought I would share the progress that’s happened since I last shared.

On Sunday, my hubby and father-in-law installed the shower door in our master bath. It looks great. They did an amazing job. The kids seem to think so too and I’ve spent a great deal of time at the house shooing them out of the shower. My fear is that they will bang the doors too hard and break them. I’m also scared about scratching the floors and hurting the quartz counter tops. I wonder how long until things are “broken in” and I’m no longer paranoid about their destruction. Hmm… I’ve never had a house this nice before. It has all the upgrades I could hope and dream for. I just want to keep them nice. Until we move in anyway!

On Monday, we got carpet in all the bedrooms. There is something about having all the flooring in that makes the house really feel like a home. No more exposed plywood. It feels less like a construction zone. We also got the back splash installed in the bathrooms on Monday. Jeremy and his dad worked on getting a step built in the garage. The garage is set lower than the house and we need that step for occupancy. It’s a very secure step and now Graham can get in and out of the house on his own. I spent a good part of Monday evening vacuuming up all the carpet pieces that were scattered everywhere while the guys built the step and the boys played outside in the dirt. There is lots of dirt to play with right now.

Yesterday, there wasn’t too much done at the house. The workers had been there to patch up a few holes in the wall. There was an electrical mistake in the half bath and they had to tear into the walls to try to fix it. The back door in the mud room is damaged so they started to take the trim off around it so they can replace it.  Jeremy had a load of gravel delivered to the house yesterday and he spent part of the evening spreading it out so our driveway is now level with our garage. It looks fantastic! He is such a hard worker! Every day he checks off another project all while managing a major work load.

Tomorrow the hardware is supposed to go on. It will be nice to have knobs on the cabinets and door knobs. We should also be getting our mirrors in and our closet shelves and closet doors. Then we have a pre-walk through with Adair to note any mistakes that need to be fixed. Most of the mistakes that I’ve found while cleaning involve various nicks in the cabinets and one cracked light switch. Hopefully nothing too minor and easily fixable.

Right now we are trying to balance the fact that our home is almost completed with our commitments this weekend. It’s Easter Eggstravaganza weekend and it’s by far the biggest weekend of the year for us. Jeremy coordinators a giant Easter egg hunt that has become a key event in our community. I am coordinating a bake sale at both hunts for MOPS, so we will be at church all day on Saturday. Big day. Lots of prep still to happen over the next few days. And if EE wasn’t enough to fill up a weekend, Sunday is also Jeremy’s birthday. I work hard to make sure Jeremy’s birthday is special because it always falls around Easter time and it can get overshadowed by the big event. I’m going to try to pick up some cakes on Friday, so we can celebrate with the kids on Sunday in children’s church. If your birthday is going to be a on a church day, might as well have a party to celebrate! Jeremy opened his birthday presents from the boys last weekend because he knew we had gotten him the latest Thor movie and he was itching to watch it.

Monday is Spa Day for our MOPS group. We have a chocolate fountain and 8lbs. of chocolate to melt! Woo hoo! We will also be coming in our comfy clothes, doing relaxing yoga and making herbal milk baths to take home. I’m really excited for this meeting and hopefully I don’t fall sleep during the relaxing yoga. Haha! My prayer is to keep my head in the game and make this meeting the best it can possibly be. Moving consumes so much of my thoughts, but I want to be present in the all the moments that are yet to happen before our move. This a special meeting where we treat our ladies and I want to give them 100% of my focus… maybe they’ll have to settle for like 75% or 50%. We’ll make it work! I’m sure it will be good no matter what!

Okay, I could keep going. Writing helps me process life and I think my desire to keep writing just comes from me want to keep myself focused and on top of all there is to do in the next 10 days. Lots, for sure. My brain is ping ponging all over. I’m not sure what next week looks like for posting completed house photos. I’ll do my best. You might to have settle for after we move in photos! I’ve been waiting for so long to move into this house. I have everything staged in my mind. I can’t wait for it to become a reality and for us to finally be home! It’s going to be amazing! God is good!



A blurry shot of watching the boys help Daddy open his presents.


After spending all our free time working on the house, the boys were soaking up some time with Daddy. 


Two years ago at Easter Eggstravaganza, we talked about finding property and building beside my parents. This photo was taken that day during that conversation. Look at Baby Graham! 


The first time we visited our property at the end of April 2016. I got a slug in my boot while walking through the scotch broom. Good memories.


Owen’s first visit to the property! 


Keeping things simple for the bake sale this year. Cookies from Costco and brownies from a mix. No fancy cupcakes with sprinkles. No time for that. I got all my goodies packaged and frozen on Monday so I don’t have to worry about them toward the end of the week. 


Starting to pack some boxes! 


Testing out the new carpet! 


Back splash! 


I love vacuuming!


Our lovely shower door!


We sent a train engineer to preschool yesterday! 


The boxes are starting to take over Graham’s room too! 


Helping Papa feed the birds


The garage step made from leftover decking supplies. It’s nice to have a handy family that can make stuff like this! 


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