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2 weeks! March 17, 2018

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Have you noticed a theme to my blog titles these days? Everything is a countdown to the big day. Just two weeks! We’ve spent a lot of time up at the house painting this week. Painting always gives me plenty of time to think as I work.  Here is what I’ve been thinking about. Two years ago in March, my parents and I started to talk about this dream of selling our homes and buying land and building beside each other. One year ago (on March 24th to be exact), we sold our Winlock house. Now another year later, we are about to move into our new home. Two years. Some things take time. Some dreams don’t come true overnight. I’ve been asked by others if we really should do this especially when things haven’t always gone smoothly. This move has been a big leap of faith for our family. I’ve doubted as well. It’s easy to doubt and be fearful. But Jeremy and I have prayed and we have put our faith in God. We truly believe that he opened this door for us and we didn’t want fear to keep us from walking through it. Now we are at the brink of seeing the dream come true. Truthfully, I’m not sure I would do it again (building and possibly moving, haha). Building a house was way more than I expected… We’ve been so blessed by my in-laws by letting us stay with them, but we were in transition way longer than I expected. I haven’t lived in my own home in almost a year and a half. It’s been disorienting for me. I have a feeling that I’m going to be shocked and surprised as I open all my boxes from storage. I do remember a lot of the things that we own, but I also don’t remember a lot of the things we own. I will have to get to know my stuff all over again.

When we first moved into our Winlock house, it was the week before Easter. This is such a busy season for the church. Moving at this time of year is not ideal. And yet, here we are doing it again. It’s so strange how some season fall at the same time of year. For me, I will now always associate moving with Easter. I feel a little guilty that my boys aren’t going to get an Easter egg hunt put on by me (don’t feel bad for them, they will still have two other hunts to attend at church and with family). I’m not creating elaborate Easter baskets. In fact, they are getting a few small items in gift bags, because that’s what I have. I don’t have baskets – they are in storage.  There will no dying eggs this year and I probably won’t get a cute Easter picture (but I’m going to try). BUT… They will get a house. In two weeks, they will be sleeping in new rooms. This house has been planned for and dreamed of. This house is amazing and I can’t wait to settle in and be a family there. It’s so close. Despite the extra busyness that comes with this season, I know that very soon the major hurdles will be behind us and we’ll be there and it will all be worth it. This is the house I hope to be in for decades. In fact, I joke that after all the drama that went into getting this house, you can bury me in the backyard some day. I’m not going anywhere. This is it for me.

So, what’s left? This week we get carpet in the bedrooms and that will finish up all the flooring. We get the hardware and back splashes installed this week as well as the mirrors in the bathrooms. Closet doors will also go on in the bedrooms and hallways. And then we’re done. Our supervisor actually hopes we can close earlier than the 30th since he has four new houses he is starting on and he is motivated to wrap up ours. If we close earlier than we will spend the free time we do have ferrying over things to the house in small loads before moving day. I’ll keep you posted a things progress!


Good day to mow the lawn


On a walk with Graham


Kitchen counter tops!


Stove is installed! 


Yay for sinks! 


Now I don’t have to run next door to my parent’s house to use the restroom! 



Hello friend! 


Love having hot water at the house! 


Enjoying Pi Day at church


At Home Depot to get a shower door for the master bathroom. Jeremy and Bill are set to install that tomorrow afternoon.


I have a thing for blue doors! My hubby surprised me by painting our door yesterday! 


Time to clean, clean, clean. While Jeremy paints, paints, paints. 


Much better! Now that I’m done cleaning what I can (bathrooms, cabinets, laundry room, light switches, plug-ins), I will head back up after nap time and start painting again. 



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