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18 Days! March 12, 2018

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Anyone else dragging after daylight savings this weekend? I know I am. Many months ago we made plans to take my mother-in-law to see the Sound of Music in Portland on March 10th. As plans developed, the matinee wasn’t an option which left the evening showing – at 7:30pm. And then we figured out that it was daylight savings weekend. Jeremy and I got home at 12:30am which was really 1:30am. I tend to be more of a night owl, but I don’t stay up this late anymore. Especially on a Saturday because Sunday mornings are so early in our house. The musical was great. All of the Scott boys and wives were able to get away for a kid free dinner and a show which was a huge treat. I can’t think of that last time all the adults did anything without the kids.

Not only was the musical a big outing this weekend, but we were also informed by our construction supervisor that we needed to paint all the doors and trim in our house. They had installed it all last week and we had noticed the whites didn’t match and the boards were a bit dirty… so yes, surprise, more painting. We have 13 interior doors in our house – not including the 5 closets with two doors each that haven’t been hung yet, so really that is 23 doors to paint – multiple coats, front and back. The trim also needs multiple coats. On Friday, Jeremy & my brother-in-law finished up the back deck (which is a thing of beauty) and we moved inside to start working on new painting project with all our free time on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I would say we are about 3/4 of the way done with all the painting. Jeremy plans on heading up tonight while I am at MOPS and he’ll continue painting. It’s been such a team effort from the family. My mom and Jeremy’s dad helped us paint. Jeremy parents and my parents have watched the boys so we can paint. My parents have brought us meals so we can paint. Good thing I like the colors we’ve chosen because I don’t think I’ll be able to pick up a paint brush in the next decade without developing a slight twitch. The hardest thing for me about this last round of painting was the unexpectedness. I didn’t know we were going to have this big project ahead of us and I wasn’t mentally prepared for the hurdle. Hopefully after this week and a few more evening painting, we can put it behind us.

So much happened since I last shared, I’m trying to rack my brain for the details to give you. The bathrooms have counter tops and vinyl floors laid. Our laminate flooring is down. The cabinets are all installed. We ended up with an extra upper and lower cabinet which will be installed in the laundry room for more storage. The trim and doors are obviously in. We have a front porch and a back deck thanks to Jeremy, Andrew and Bill. Today they are supposed to be installing our quartz counter tops in the kitchen. Tomorrow is tile back splash day and Wednesday is plumbing – toilets and sinks. Our septic is also supposed to be connected this week. Jeremy installed our mail box at the front of the road.  We’ve even had a few pieces of mail delivered there. We have internet and a cell booster at the house so we can actually make calls and send texts. Or if you’re the boys, watch YouTube videos. We pack up snacks, toys and technology while we’re at the house to keep them occupied.

18 days until our move date as long as all goes as planned. Everything wraps up with construction around the 22nd, so really just a week and half left until we have a completed house. We have our big Easter event that Jeremy is coordinating on the 24th. Jeremy’s birthday is the 25th. I have another eye doctor appointment on the 27th… and then it’s the big move. Life just keeps moving ahead at full speed and while I am exhausted, the pace keeps me occupied and away from being impatient. I think seeing it completed on the 22nd might change that… But, we still have to give it a good clean before moving day and Jeremy’s going to celebrate his birthday at the house so he can share the joy of it’s completion with his loved ones and let all the kiddos run amok around it while it’s empty. I’ll try to post another update around the 22nd so you can see the finished product!


New whale warmer for the whale themed bathroom!


Not the best lighting for the counter top color, but here we are with counter tops and vinyl floors. 


Boys, rocks and mud puddles. 


Front porch! 


Spontaneous trip to the zoo on a sunny with some of the cousins!  


What you can see of my laminate floors. I love them so much. After all the drama with flooring, I’m glad we love our choice. 


The bonus storage in the laundry room. Now we need to make our counter top for the base unit. 


Doors and trim 


Doors and trim


Back deck! 


Painting the doors takes multiple coats. The first always looks so awful! 


Painting in the pantry


Painting in the master closet – Jeremy was spying on me! 


Sound of Music date for Debbie’s birthday!


The hills are alive with the sound of music… 


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