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One Month to Go! February 28, 2018

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Here we are on the last day of February. We hope to move on the last day of March. One month to go. Now that we are here everything seems so close and yet still far away. I’ve been mentally preparing for this big move for over a year. I want to start packing boxes or something to symbolize that it’s coming, that it’s really going to happen. Our family occupies three bedrooms, a bathroom, and a few shelves in the kitchen. We don’t have much to pack and what we do need to pack, we need to use right up to the time we move. I can’t do too much, but wait. The story of my life. I have made a huge grocery shopping list on my phone. I’m trying to be prepared and think through all the things we are going to need to stock up our home from scratch. Again, if I could get it all now, I would, just so I could feel one step closer. One month. May it go quickly!

March will the fun month when it comes to watching the house come to life. We spent February painting and cleaning in preparation for our finish truck to be delivered. The truck arrived a week earlier than expected which was nice, but it didn’t change our actual closing timeline. It was amazing to walk into the house and see all the things we’d chosen in the showroom inside the house. I got to see our flooring full sized instead of a sample piece. I really like them and if all goes as planned, the laminate should be laid by this weekend. Our cabinets were put in place yesterday and Jeremy & I ran up to the house and played the “where will we put that” game, strategizing about where silverware, cooking utensils and plates will go. We noticed after the cabinets had been delivered that we had too many. There were conflicting kitchen design plans. We told our supervisor about it and he told us not to worry. When we were up there last night, we noticed even more extra cabinets then we originally thought. This morning we woke up to an email from our supervisor confirming what we already knew. Due to the error, we will be getting 5 extra inches of counter top and they will need to re-make some of our upper cabinets for things to fit correctly. Thankfully, upper cabinets won’t delay anything. We asked if we could keep the extra cabinets and we were told we could. Now I’m dreaming of extra cabinets in my laundry room and mud room. What an unexpected blessing. Anyone who knows me knows that storage and organization speaks to my soul, so I am elated!

Other house news includes the electricians have been in to put in the plug-ins, light switches and lighting throughout the house. The lights are only on in the hallway, laundry room and playroom right now, but it’s a start. It’s nice to visit when it’s dark and rely less on flashlights. Hopefully soon no flashlights will be necessary.  Our blinds arrived yesterday for the bedrooms.  Our visit up there last night included opening the boxes and making sure that the blinds fit properly in the windows. We won’t install them now, but it was nice to see them and know they fit. I love having blackout shades in bedrooms. We brought the boys’ over from the Winlock house to my in-laws, but we haven’t had black out shades in our room for over a year. It’s one of the many things I am looking forward to in my new master suite.

The next big project for Jeremy is putting a deck on the front and back of our house. The front deck will be small, just a landing to enter through. The back deck will be larger than we expected, but the decking we are looking at is sold in 12 foot boards, so to avoid extra cutting we will be doing a slightly bigger deck than we originally imagined. Jeremy and I have often dreamed of having a big enough deck for a BBQ and a table for meals to be enjoyed outside. Jeremy has been doing his homework – measuring and comparing material costs. I think the front deck will be created this weekend and the back deck next weekend. My brother-in-law used to work for a decking company and he has built decks for others in my family. He has agreed to help Jeremy and so has my father-in-law. I’m sure anything these three guys can create will be amazing, sturdy and add value to our home and our outdoor living space.

I’ll keep you posted as the weeks tick by and the house transforms into a home – a livable space! The timeline has someone coming to the house almost every single day to finish things up. I can’t wait to watch it all unfold! One month to go!


Painted and Cleaned


Painted and Cleaned


Painted and Cleaned


Painted and Cleaned


Snow Day


We love pizza!


Walking in a Winter Wonderland!  


Hands On Kids Museum with MOPS


Hands On Kids Museum with MOPS


Winding down before nap time


The boys’ bathroom


Lower kitchen cabinets 


Master Bathroom 



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