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The Update Through Pictures November 1, 2017

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So much has happened since I last posted, one of those things being coming down with a whammy of a head cold. I really have so much to share, but I am lacking the mental capacity to type it all up. I figured I can show you the updates through pictures and fill in the details through captions. Here we go!


The happy face of a woman who has interior walls! I can envision where furniture will go now!


The interiors walls! A thing of beauty!


Jeremy is super talented at carving pumpkins but hates cleaning them out!


This years pumpkins – a train and Daniel Tiger!


Graham got pink eye on Friday and then it spread to his other eye on Saturday.


Graham went with Jeremy on Saturday to help my parents move into their new home and Owen went on a MOPS outing to the pumpkin patch with me.


We love pumpkins!


This what helping the grandparents move looks like for Owen & Graham.


First family meal at my parent’s new house! Praise the Lord!


Baking 4 dozen muffins for MOPS and then 4 dozen cookies! It was a wild Monday morning.


Two of the cutest train engineers you ever did see. Graham hated his costume, but eventually gave up and decided it was fine.


Despite being feverish I hung in there for the MOPS Bake Sale at Fall Fest. It was easier to sit behind that table then watch my kiddos! Notice I am holding Graham’s hand in this picture! I can never truly escape him.


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