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Holidays, House Update, and Lots of Antibiotics… November 25, 2017

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Okay, I’ve been MIA most of November. Turns out I’ve been batting various infections in my eyes and head most of the month. After my bout with pink eye, my eyes still didn’t feel right. I went back to the doctor and got some new drops and awaited the results of the culture they did on my eyes. A few days later, I got the call saying that I have strep in my eyes as well another bug the receptionist couldn’t pronounce. So I was given a prescription for another antibiotic. I’ve now taken 4 different kinds of antibiotics in a month span of time to fix whatever is going in my eyes and head. I wish I could say they were working. My eyes still don’t feel right and I came down with a super bad head cold this last week. Didn’t expect to get super sick right after starting antibiotics. I’m living on Dayquil and praying for the day my eyes feel right again.

November has been a hard month for me. I’ve been feeling a bit more emotional lately and I think that the constant infections going on in my head have zapped me. I’m tired. I’m trying to keep up with responsibilities and schedules, but inside I have no energy. My hubby took a couple days off this last week and I was jazzed by the thought of having him around. Then I got the super bad head cold and I spent most of his days off in bed watching movies or sleeping. While my body needed that rest, I had envisioned that time spent together, as a family. It’s hard when expectations turn to disappointments. I’m extremely disappointed and mystified by the condition of my eyes/head. If things don’t improve with this round of antibiotics then I will back at the doctors. I have no clue why I don’t feel better yet.

I love the holidays. I go to Starbucks way too much ordering holiday drinks and goodies. I watch every new Hallmark Christmas movie that comes out. Our family filled Operation Christmas Child boxes so that way kids around the world can have something special for Christmas. I love Christmas. I love listening to Christmas music. I love Christmas shopping and finding presents we think our family members will love. However… My health has left me a bit depleted. When it comes to decorating for Christmas, I just don’t have a ton of desire to do the extra effort. Owen has been begging to decorate for Christmas for the last few weeks. We had been holding off until after Thanksgiving and today he got his wish to get the Christmas tree up. While the others decorated the tree, I hopped into the shower to see if that would help the feeling in my eyes to clear up. I’m not against decorating. The rest of the family wanted to do it and that’s great. I just didn’t have the desire. I’m lacking that spark. I think if I felt better things would be a different story, but right now my Christmas spirit has been taken down a notch. It’s not even December yet, so I have hopes of kicking these bad bugs and getting back to my Christmassy self for the rest of the holiday season.

We stayed in Lewis County for Thanksgiving this year. I wasn’t feeling well enough to travel. Owen and Graham got to play with their cousins, Nolan & Bennett. The adults played games. I laid down for part of the day. The food was good and it was nice to stay in one place even though it meant not seeing my extended family. I missed them and their gathering very much. My parents were sweet and brought me home some leftovers.

My mother-in-law offered to watch the boys yesterday so Jeremy and I could take part in the Black Friday sales. We have a list of items we need for the house and Black Friday seemed like the best day to get good deals. I took my cold meds and I tried to keep up as we compared and researched. It was great to have some one-on-one with my hubby and to pick out things together for our future home. We had a super productive day and come in under budget on some major items we knew we needed. The only downside to shopping now is our new things will have to wait until we move in to get unboxed… Except the Xbox Jeremy got. He couldn’t wait for that one. It feels good to have some new things purchased and ready for the house. It certainly gives me the feeling of being one step closer.

On to the house! We have a complete roof with shingles and everything! It’s beautiful! I love it! Our house got covered in mud and water before the roof could go on, so while the roofers finished things up, Jeremy & I (and then Jeremy & his dad) spent a day getting the mud and water out of the house. Jeremy and I scrapped the mud out and shop vacuumed the water out, but the floors were still pretty grubby. I took the boys home for naps and Jeremy’s dad went up with a pressure washer to get the floors really clean and get the mud out. The floors look so much better now and we are currently in the process of drying the house out. The windows got installed this week and that helps with the drying process. It will improve even more when we get the doors on and can trap the heat a bit better. The doors are up in the garage just waiting to be installed. We also have piles of siding waiting by the house as well. I’m excited for things to turn inside as the outside work starts to wrap up. Each new step forward makes it feel more a like a home. What a labor of love this house has been. I would have never imagined myself shoveling mud out of my house when we started this process. I’m an “indoor” girl and I don’t really do dirt, but when it comes to my house, I’ll do just about anything to get us one step closer to moving in.

That’s my update for now. We’re supposed to go to Zoolights tonight with my MOPS group, but we’re still on the fence. The kids are napping and we’ll see how they wake up from nap time. They both seem like they might be on the verge of getting sick and I, of course, am not well yet myself. I feel that tension of being the coordinator so I should be there… but I also just want to see my friends and have a Christmas outing with my family. It seems like illness is always stopping us from fun, festive outings. So Zoolights may or may not happen. As I said before, it’s still November. There will be other opportunities if today doesn’t pan out. Some seasons are harder than others and this one seems to be a doozy right now. Prayers appreciated!



Love Red Cup Season! I didn’t get a picture with my 1st or 2nd Red Cup, but 3rd times the charm! 


Shopping for Operation Christmas Child


Our “flooded” mucky house before it got cleaned up. 



I got a quick visit with my one of my favorite Californians! I got to show Christa my house and then we gave her a tour of my parent’s home as well. 



PK Life


Cheesy Boys


Drying out the house


Chocolate cake with the cousins


The post holiday haze


A recent picture from the outside


Last night was gingerbread house decorating! 


Tree decorating this morning. 


Owen’s wish came true! The tree is up and ready for Christmas. 



Didn’t Expect That… November 9, 2017

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When I last posted, I shared about Graham getting pink eye and me having an awful head cold. Not fun. However, it seems that our family has a dark cloud over us and things just kept getting worse. My mother-in-law got pink eye from Graham and she had a sinus infection as well. We had a week of all being home sick and trying not to spread our germs. My big hope was that Friday was going to be our fun family day. I also thought that the Friday before, but then Graham had pink eye… So anyway, this last Friday, I woke up at 2:30pm with my right eye stuck shut. On Thursday, I had rubbed my eyes and had a moment of panic. Then I thought about how we’re past the contagious stage and let out a sigh of relief. But sadly, I was wrong. So I spent our fun family day at Urgent Care for pink eye. Blah. Saturday was a pink eye recovery day and my mother-in-law started to feel sick again. Come Sunday morning, we found out that Nana had the flu. Sunday was a big day because we were going to start house sitting for my parents. My eye was a bit gooey so we didn’t go to church and when I realized I couldn’t keep my kids quiet for Nana to rest, we took off for my parent’s house to settle in.

I had been looking forward to house sitting for parents. I couldn’t wait to play house in their new home. I was going to treat it like a vacation rental. But… I got there and got settled in and it hit me… I’m in someone’s else house. I’m always in someone’s house. I’ve lived over a year with my in-laws (which I am extremely thankful for) and then when I thought I would “play house” in a new house, it just hit me I was in my parent’s house. I’m always in someone else’s space because I have no house of my own. Actually, I got to to stare out the window at my house that had no workers there. I thought that house sitting was going to fill a void in my heart and instead it hit me that no home, but my home, will fill the void. I had a very weepy 24 hours after that. Thank you to my friends and family who let me emotionally decompress on them – aka cry. A lot. My heart aches to settle into my home. I totally didn’t expect that reaction. It took me completely off guard and left me with a deep ache. Not awesome. Let me tell you.

So on Monday, I’m was deep mourning of my homelessness. I came home from my MOPS steering team meeting and I was emotionally spent. I said good night to the boys and settled in to talk to Jeremy when we heard Owen yelling from the bedroom. Jeremy got into the room and got Owen out before he could throw up EVERYWHERE! Luckily, we got Owen out of the room before he throw up on Graham who was sleeping on the floor beside him. However, Jeremy took the worst blow ever! That was the most amount of puke I’d ever seen on anyone! Jeremy had it puddled in this ear. Gross! From that point on we lived in the flu zone for the next 24 hours. Poor Owen got it bad. Tuesday was a sick day around the house. Jeremy took time off to help us survive. I had been looking forward to a family day and this wasn’t the way I was hoping to get it.  Come Wednesday, Graham had pink eye again, so it was back to the doctor to get him more drops….

And there you have it! We just had an intense week of illness. Add some out of the blue emotional trauma and there you have my life right now. My hope was that in staying up at my parent’s house we would have a front row seat to watching our trusses go up. When no workers came up Monday or Tuesday, we were told that Wednesday was the day. Turns out Wednesday they did show up. For an hour. Then they disappeared. I was so confused. Their compressor broke… Bummer… Today though, they were back in force and we do have trusses up now! Praise the Lord! Things move slowly and then they move quickly. I really don’t believe anything I’m told until I see it in person. We are super close to having a real roof. Each step is a step closer and despite the vague timeline, I am grateful.

Anyway, life is a roller coaster. We’re doing the best we can. Despite emotional and trying moments, we are still laughing and still smiling. God is still good and we will have our own roof over our heads someday. Praying for positive updates in the future. We’ve been hit hard the last couple of weeks, but I’m going to believe that better and healthier days are right around the corner.


At Urgent Care. Not cool.


Poor TC! She survived us, but she missed my parents immensely!


The view out the window… a house. Sitting there…


The boys settled in quickly!


Watching my parent’s contractor work on their driveway.


A boy with the flu.


Poor kid.


Last day with TC


Waiting for the pink eye drops… Round 2!




Looking more like a house!


A bright spot – Nana’s birthday!


The Update Through Pictures November 1, 2017

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So much has happened since I last posted, one of those things being coming down with a whammy of a head cold. I really have so much to share, but I am lacking the mental capacity to type it all up. I figured I can show you the updates through pictures and fill in the details through captions. Here we go!


The happy face of a woman who has interior walls! I can envision where furniture will go now!


The interiors walls! A thing of beauty!


Jeremy is super talented at carving pumpkins but hates cleaning them out!


This years pumpkins – a train and Daniel Tiger!


Graham got pink eye on Friday and then it spread to his other eye on Saturday.


Graham went with Jeremy on Saturday to help my parents move into their new home and Owen went on a MOPS outing to the pumpkin patch with me.


We love pumpkins!


This what helping the grandparents move looks like for Owen & Graham.


First family meal at my parent’s new house! Praise the Lord!


Baking 4 dozen muffins for MOPS and then 4 dozen cookies! It was a wild Monday morning.


Two of the cutest train engineers you ever did see. Graham hated his costume, but eventually gave up and decided it was fine.


Despite being feverish I hung in there for the MOPS Bake Sale at Fall Fest. It was easier to sit behind that table then watch my kiddos! Notice I am holding Graham’s hand in this picture! I can never truly escape him.