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We have a floor and walls!!! October 26, 2017

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This week has a been a wild one! We had the boys well checks on Monday and MOPS! We’ve had Cousin Colton staying at the house as a guest and we’ve seen some major progress on our house.

All three boys are sleeping right now so I’m going to make this quick. I don’t know how long the peace and quiet will last! Let’s start with well checks. Both boys are healthy and great. Graham was 12% for height now so let’s rejoice in that fact! However, he was 4% for weight so they want to address his eating habits. The odd thing is he eats all the time but he also moves all the time. He is a grazer and not really known for sitting down and eating huge meals in one sitting. Owen got his hearing tested and it’s fine. The doctor looked in his ear and said it looked like his left ear is healing from an ear infection and that is probably the source of his hearing issues. Owen also got shots for the first time since he was super little. He knows what they are and he wasn’t scared. He followed the directions given to him and didn’t even cry. Such a brave kid!

Colton has been our buddy this week. The boys have loved taking care of him. Colton has been adored by his cousins. I was a little concerned about watching another kiddo during the day since I sometimes feel like I barely keep mine alive, but Colton has done well and Aunt Amy has been able to keep up with everyone and everything fairly well. I’ve kept close to the house during the days just because I don’t want to do the loading and unloading of three kids in car seats. None of them are in booster seats and they can’t buckle themselves. So we saved my back and stayed home. It’s all good though because the boys have plenty of toys to share.

The most exciting part of the week is what’s been going on at our house. We got a floor and two walls on Tuesday and then yesterday we had all of our exterior walls up. I’m assuming today was the garage walls and then moving into the interior walls. Jeremy is hoping the interior walls will be done by tomorrow. Wouldn’t that be insane? When I pulled up to the house and saw my floors but also my bedroom wall, I was beside myself with joy! I got the kids  unload quickly so I could go hug my wall. I almost cried. The tears were there! So much joy!!! I am the happiest camper around! All I need is a couple of tarps to keep out the rain and I’m ready to move in! With each step closer, I can see the space better and judge room sizes. My mind is often pondering furniture placement. I’m so excited that things are finally taking shape and that it actually looks like a house. I might totally explode with joy once the roof is on. It will be a real house then!

One last fun factor of this week is that our MOPS group did a fundraiser called Cards for a Cause through my UBAM business. Our group sold 59 boxes of cards and made over $1000 for MOPS!!! I was so jazzed when I did the math on Monday night I could hardly sleep that night. It was way beyond my wildest expectations of the fundraiser!

Well, there you have it. Our week in a nutshell! Until next time!


New Train Boots


Property Life


Graham is jazzed that Colton is here! Colton seems unsure!


This is why Owen loves MOPS


Another special day with a MOPS friend


My buddies this week



Perks of being an auntie


Owen standing in his room by his window!

Hanging by my bedroom window

Owen is a super helper when it comes to taking care of Colton

Exterior Walls

Trying to judge the size of the space!


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