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Just a Few More Pictures! October 12, 2017

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I didn’t have all the pictures loaded off my phone yesterday, so I skipped some in hopes of getting my blog done before nap time (which didn’t happen). I figured I would share a few more pictures today. Enjoy!


When I tell them to sit down to put on their shoes, they instead start hugging and saying “cheese”



Craft Day at MOPS


Owen’s preschool was closed on Tuesday, so Grandma came over to do crafts with us.



I think a semi-truck full of lumber might be the most beautiful sight I’ve ever seen!


Candy corn blondies for my Wednesday night class


Fall Food! Chili & Cornbread!

IMG_7891 - Copy

Taking Graham through Starbucks in his jammies this morning! I put jeans on for this outing, but that is all the effort I plan to put into today.

IMG_7899 - Copy

After seeing how awesome everyone did with the book wreathes, I decided to make one too. My outer ring and inner ring are two different books, so it’s two toned. I like that. And both books were published by MOPS, so this a book wreath of mothering encouragement!

IMG_7900 - Copy

I’m thinking this wreath will go near my future desk… or maybe my bookshelf & reading chair… I love decorating my future house in my head. Can’t wait for daydreams to turn to reality!

IMG_7902 - Copy

We took the wooden track down to make room for new toys. Everyday we have made a mega track on the floor. A different track is created each day.


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