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Things are Moving!!! August 29, 2017

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Oh my goodness! I am so excited to tell you the BIG NEWS!!! They started laying the forms for our foundation today!!!! It’s finally happening! Everyone do a happy dance with me! WOO HOO!!! This is the day that I have been waiting for. It seems like it’s been forever in the making. I am so thrilled to see that things are moving forward. Our gravel pad should start to resemble a house more and more each week. I’m not dumb. I’m sure there will be more hold ups and delays in our future, but I can’t live my life in fear. Things have been slow. Things might stay slow. But I have to celebrate each step forward. Because it’s progress and it matters and it means I’m one step closer to being a homeowner again. Praise Jesus! Let’s happy dance again!

This week is Owen’s last full week of summer. How did that happen? He has a preschool orientation next Tuesday and his first day of class will be next Wednesday. Wow! Since he will be in preschool two years, I’m making this year pretty low key. I’m doing fall clothes shopping for him because he is growing, not because it’s “back to school” or in his case “starting school.” I offered to buy him a new backpack but he declined. He told me he wants to use his moose backpack which has been his diaper bag since he was 18 months old. It’s a little worn, but I don’t care. He wants to take it school. I’m cheap. No new backpack this year. Fine with me. Of course, we’ll try to attempt the first day of preschool photo…

Since this is the last full week of summer for us, we’re are packing it full of fun stuff. Yesterday we went to NW Trek with some friends. It’s a great day of looking at animals and playing. We hadn’t been there since Owen was 9 months old so it was pretty much the first time for both boys. We took the 1:00pm tram ride around the park and I thought for sure we would see nothing because of the heat. Surprisingly, we saw all of the animals. Since 1:00pm is nap time for my boys, Graham fell asleep on the ride and Owen spent the second half of it asking when we would get back to the station. I enjoyed looking at the animals and tried to take good pictures to share with Jeremy. I knew he would appreciate the animals even if my boys were too tired too.

Last night was our last MOPS summer park play date. The boys had a great time walking down to the creek and hanging out by the train bridge. Today we had another park play date with friends at Owen’s favorite Napavine park. Then we drove up to the property to see the foundation forms in action! Woo hoo! Since we’ve been to the animal park and two playgrounds this week, I’m debating trying to take Owen to the park on Thursday as well and the beach on Friday. Instead of Shark Week, let’s do Park Week! Haha! I kind of like idea of making the last week of summer super fun for Owen before we have to buckle down to the school schedule. The only downside to packing our week is I’ve been battling a bug that has me talking a few octaves lower than I’m used to. I don’t feel too awful, but I haven’t really been resting to try to get over it… I feel that tension of I should rest on Thursday or we should party hard on Thursday while we can. Not sure what side will win!

Okay, that’s the update for now. I’m hoping that movement on the property will inspire me to blog more so I can share the fun updates as things develop. I’m sure I will also have lots to say about our preschool transition as well. I can’t wait to share with you how that goes next week!


Muffin makers


I forgot to mention in my post, Graham got new bedding this weekend. I’ve been keeping it tucked away and I finally decided I need to see change.


Owen got a big boy bed!


Celebrating Colton’s first birthday!


Pit stop on the way home for Ellensburg. We love waterfalls.


That’s a long way down


How I work…


NW Trek


NW Trek


NW Trek


NW Trek


NW Trek


To be a kid in summertime…




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