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This Time Last Year August 23, 2017

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My mind has been jumping backwards in time to this time last year. Last August the sale of our home fell through for the 1st time (but not the last, it would happen again in December). That was a rough blow. I was fully packed and had to unpack my kitchen so I could continue to live in our house. Jeremy was struggling with stress and heart health issues. At the end of August, he blacked out at the wheel and drove off the road. That started a season of doctors appointments and counseling. We took a couple months off from ministry and lost any sense of normal. At the beginning of September, Graham started walking and he started that transition from baby to toddler.

We’ve walked some unexpected roads this last year. It has held more ups and downs than I could have ever imagined. The memories are still fresh. How can a year go so quickly and so slowly at the same time? Time changes situations. Time changes people. I’m not sure I would have guess that a year out Jeremy’s big work project would the opening of a preschool and learning center. I would have never guessed that leading MOPS or selling books would be my next great adventures.

Graham is almost two. I still him call him “Baby Graham.” I would say 75% of the time Owen calls Graham “Baby” instead of his name. I feel like we can get away with this until he turns two. It will be hard to drop the baby title. Part of the reason it’s so easy to call him a baby is because he is still so small. I made his well check appointment today for October. I have a feeling he is going to be low on the charts still. His size makes you think he is younger than he is. But is crazy mobile, like a monkey. He is saying so many words now and even said “I don’t know” the other day. A complete sentence. Wait, weren’t you just learning to walk?!

This journey of life is an interesting one. Through every season I see myself and circumstances differently. With hindsight. With wisdom gained from experience. So much changes in a year. The “Amy of Last Year” and the “Amy of Now” would have a funny conversation – don’t worry things get better, but sorry,  some things will stay the same – like my longing to be a settled into a new home. Still waiting on that one. But my house did finally sell and I am continually one step closer to the goal, even if it is a baby step. Kids grow, situations change and some things stay the same. You just never know what’s going to happen in a year. Each one is different. My years have never repeated themselves and that keeps life interesting and eventful. While I look back to the past, I also look forward to the future. Knowing that through it all God has been by my side gives me the hope and strength to look ahead with faith and enthusiasm. I can trust that God, who has yet to fail me, will continue to show up through it all. There is blessing in every season and something to be thankful for no matter.

A look into last year:


Owen ended up in ER last August with a fever and strange breathing. He had to get chest x-ray.


Graham at 10 months!


Owen transitioned to a toddler bed around this time last year and now he is about to transition to a twin bed in the next week!


Still one of my favorites of all my boys!


Back to when we had to keep Graham away from the train tracks. Now he plays with them more than Owen!


Officially walking!


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