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Summer is flying by! July 26, 2017

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How is it almost the end of July? I feel like just a couple days ago it was the beginning of the month! July has been a full month for me. Lots of MOPS stuff on my plate, as well as balancing books and boys and building! This week I don’t have any book parties, so I’ve been able to slow down and use my quiet moments for MOPS or for personal rest. After finishing the Anne of Green Gables series, I read The Blue Castle and now I’m on to the Emily Starr series. As you can see, it’s turning out to be a very Lucy Maud Montgomery kind of a summer for me. I’m loving it!

MOPS has been running full steam ahead. I’ve been to the bank numerous times to try to transfer the account to my name and add this year’s finance leader. It’s been a struggle and I’ve been there more than I would like. Thankfully, I think Monday was the last time. I don’t like the bank… It’s now up there with the doctor! We’ve been having summer park play dates with friends all over Lewis County. My boys love going to all the different parks. This last weekend, we had our MOPS leadership retreat where we planned the whole year and came together a team to learn, grow and share. It was a wonderful time. I truly blessed by the team of ladies supporting me. I know that this year is going to be awesome! Yesterday, I filmed a promo video and tonight I get to talk MOPS with the adult gathering at our church. I’m taking advantage of every moment I can to get the word out. Our registration forms are out and we have online registration available this year. I have a few more things nail down before I feel fully set and ready for the fall. I have to update the welcome packet and contact potential speakers. I have some DVD sessions to watch. Tomorrow night a couple of team members and I will head up to Hobby Lobby and look for decorative elements for our theme “Free Indeed” which is expressed through geometric birds. We’ll see what we can find!

July was a bit slower month from me in book sales. I made my sales goal, but I didn’t have the same month I had before. June was insane. I’m hopeful for September/October since so many people have said they would like to host parties in the fall. It’s really an ideal time right before Christmas. I’m now out of my incentive period and I got all the rewards the offered, so that feels good. Being out of my incentive period takes some pressure off because I’m not longer working towards rewards levels (UBAM does have monthly incentives – last month I won a gym bag, this month I won a pop socket for my phone). I was already planning on taking the first two weeks of August off, but now I kind of have three weeks off when you add this week. I’m still doing a lot of follow-up and I’m active in my VIP group, but no parties means no live videos to shoot and no late nights staying up to watch for orders. It’s nice to have some down time after going so strong for 12 weeks. I think I’ll be itching to get back in the saddle after my vacation time. I really do love these books.

Jeremy has been a rock star when it comes to the property. We are all good to go and ready to hand things over to Adair. That meeting should happen at the property tomorrow at 10am. Insert happy dance here. Now that we have the well house up, we’ve spent the last few days painting it to try to find the right combination of colors to paint our house.  We have settled on Pewter Tankard for the main body, Smokey Blue for the accent color and Frosty White for the trim. Picking paint colors stresses me out so I’m glad that we found colors we like and that we agree on where they should go. Ultimately, Jeremy and I liked the same colors, but we had our ideas reversed on what should the main body and what should the accent color. After a bit of experimenting, we made a final decision. I’m glad we have the well house to play with before we paint the actual house!

And that about sums things up! Graham took a 15 minute nap in the swing today and that apparently meant he didn’t want to nap at all for the rest of the day. Both boys are finally sleeping, but nap time was hard fought today. I want to take advantage of the quiet moments and maybe start the final Emily Starr book. Wishing you all the best! I can’t wait to share more updates, especially as Adair takes over our building process and hopefully things start to move a little quicker than they have been!


Hot dogs and chocolate milk at Burger King as a reward for one our many trips to the bank.


Graham wanted to nap with Owen


Exploring Tumwater Falls


Exploring Tumwater Falls


Hair Cut Day!


Hair Cut Day


Cousin Brinley’s birthday party at the park


Two best buds watching the train roll along


At the zoo with friends!


Zoo train!


Park play date with the cousins!


Owen and Cousin Bennett finding a shaded spot to sit for lunch.


The MOPS Steering Team! So blessed by these ladies!


Sunny day selfies


Sunny day selfies


Most likely, quite possibly, maybe for sure the paint colors for our house! :)


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