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Life as a Book Lady May 25, 2017

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Okay, so my computer freaked out on me and lost the first couple paragraphs of this blog. That makes me sad. I can sum it up quickly by saying that my first 30 days with Usborne are almost up. I’ve done more than I’ve expected and it’s been a good experience so far. I’ve reached all the goals I set for myself. I’m bummed because I’m close to a goal I never thought I would reach and I’m $400 in sales short. I had two parties this week that had to postpone and if I would have had those parties, I would have reached the next reward level and gotten a full refund on my consultant kit. As it is, I will get half my kit refunded and that was my original goal. I’ve had 5 parties in May and I have 10 already booked for June! I’m giving it my all!

Usborne encourages you to go all in for the first 12 weeks. It’s the period of time where I can give out double host rewards. The rewards that my hosts are getting are amazing. I love being a part of such a generous company. Because I reached $1000 in sales, I will be getting a gift from the home office and a success kit with more books and office supplies. Those arrive on Tuesday and I am so jazzed.

My reward books from launch party arrived this last week and I am in love with them. I bought myself a book (because I’m a kid at heart). I got Peek Inside Cinderalla and the illustrations are beautiful. I love it and it will be a nice addition to my display table of a girl item! I’m so excited for all the free books our family will get with the awesome rewards that Usborne has to offer.

My schedule for June is going to hopping. I’m doing best to challenge myself and do all that I can. I have two vendor events that I will be a part of as well as home parties and Facebook parties. I’m managing my VIP group on Facebook and doing follow-up from parties. I send guests a message when their books ship and then I do a 2 week follow up after parties and a 2 month follow up as well.

Jeremy has been super supportive and celebrates each time I book a party. I will admit that my emotions have been on a roller coaster through this whole process. I get nervous before each party. The Facebook parties keep me on my toes because I have to keep up with all the comments. I’m love sharing these books with others. I just have to keep up and multi-task! It’s using a lot of brain space! After every party so far, I’ve felt disappointed. I’m learning that most parties take a few days to be successful. The results of a good party aren’t instant. Overall I’ve been very pleased with my parties, but I’m learning to manage my expectations.

My team leaders have been super encouraging and they give me ton of shout outs as I reach goals and get rewards. This process of becoming a book lady has been a growing one for me and I am grateful for the opportunity to try something new and learn. It truly has been a rewarding season for me in more than one way – even if a bunch of brain cells have died in the process!

My life hasn’t been totally swallowed up by book commitments! We had two play dates with MOPS friends this week and we went to the zoo today. The weather has been warm so we’ve had a lot of outside time. I think my whole summer will be spent pushing Graham in a baby swing while I coordinate my book business on my phone. I’m doing better at putting my phone away and saving work for nap time or bed time. It’s going to take effort and for the most part most things I respond to are quick replies that don’t take up too much time. It just always seems like there is something I could be doing.

Jeremy was gone over the weekend at a conference. The boys I spent Friday at a park play date with Auntie and Grandma and then on Saturday we went to a local home and garden show with Grandpa and Grandma. It was fun to see family and enjoy the nice weather.

In other news, I finished “Anne with an E” on Netflix. I’m not sure I liked it. I thought they did a great job casting Anne, but I didn’t like the additions they made to the plot. It was certainly had an edge to it that seemed less like a family show. One of my favorite shows growing up was “Road to Avonlea” and I love the 1980s Anne movies. This series had a totally different feel to it. As someone who has also read the books, I am a bit of an Anne snob. While I wouldn’t say that I loved “Anne with an E”, I would be willing to watch the second season if they make one. I guess I’ll take Anne almost anyway I can get her! After watching the show, I’m fairly convinced I will buy myself Usborne’s Anne of Green Gables picture book. What can I say? I’m an Anne fan.

Our construction loan is set to close next week and Jeremy starts work on prepping the property this weekend. We also have plans to build the well house in June. Hopefully lots will be going on up a the property soon and we’ll have exciting house updates to add to the crazy that is our lives! I CAN’T WAIT!!! EEEKKK!


Book Party & Play Date


Feels like summer!


Park Date with Auntie & Grandma


Giant Slide at the Home & Garden Show


Lunch at the grandparent’s house!


Impromptu play date on a sunny day


We went to the spray park, but Graham had no interest in the water!


32 books! Rewards from Usborne parties rock!


MOPS outing at the church


Helping Papa plant corn


I wonder what Graham wants for breakfast?


Putting our new fingerprint activity book to good use!


Zoo trip with Auntie & Grandma


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