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Jumping into Usborne and Keeping Up with Life April 23, 2017

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I’ve semi-officially started my Usborne Books and More business. Because of how the rewards and incentives work, you don’t want to sign up too soon before your launch party because you lose time waiting for things to kick off. I will officially sign up and order my consultant kit this week. I can hardly wait! The beginning of your Usborne business starts with a launch party. I get to be the “host” for this party. I get the host rewards and the consultant sales. Then from there I am responsible for any parties that get booked from my party. My forever friend, Maggie, is my team leader and she will attend my first few parties to assist if I need her. It’s like starting with training wheels, once I’ve done it a few times, I will be off on my own. My two friends who sell Usborne books have gotten to the point where they have two parties a night usually about 2-3 nights a week, so about 4-6 parties a week. My starting goal is to have one party a week. Once I get more familiar with the process, I will try two parties a week. I’m not sure I’ll ever push for 4 parties a week, but I know that diligence leads to good money and more connections.

Because the beginning of Usborne starts with me hosting a party, it means that I was responsible for inviting as many people as I possibly could to my Facebook launch party. As an introvert, messaging 80 people and responding to about half of them in less than 12 hours was a bit draining. Luckily, in the future, I will be working one on one with the host and then interacting with the host’s friends at the party, I won’t have to message my Facebook friends continually asking them to come to my party. That is a relief. In a perfect world, I will book parties from parties. I’ve been told it takes about 3-4 parties to get out of your social circle. I think selling to strangers will be easier than selling to people I know. I’ll be less nervous about what people think of me.

I’m very excited about my launch party. If you would like an invite, just let me know! It’s going to be on Thursday, May 4th at 8:00pm. You watch short videos about what Usborne has to offer, I answer questions and make suggestions and then you shop! It’s easy, quick and addicting. I want ALL the books!

I’ve also been working diligently on MOPS. Getting the new team in place for next year remains my top priority. Just like Usborne, I’m making a lot of asks and connecting with people. It’s good, but stretching. My other top priority is getting information out to the community about the changes to our group. I was so blessed to find out that there is a local baby fair coming up this weekend and our handouts will be placed in each grab bag they give out. This means everyone who attends the fair will get our information! We also have local doctor’s offices that are letting us display handouts. It’s thrilling to see the word getting out beyond our current MOPS circle. I’m hoping this is the promise of good things in store for next year.

This next week I will be traveling quite a bit. I’m off to Network Conference with the Bethel staff and then off to Ladies Retreat with our Bethel ladies. I will admit that I super excited to have a few nights away from the kids. I love them dearly, but Mama needs some space! Truthfully, I just want to wake up because a) I slept long enough or b) I set my own alarm and choose to wake up when I did. The freedom of not sleeping with a monitor by my bed and being woken up by tiny human alarm clocks is exciting!!!

We had a fun time at the zoo on Friday. It was a sunny day and it seems like all of Portland decided to go to the zoo. When we arrived in the morning, the parking lot was full. We had this happen last month too, but we thought that was because of spring break. I have no idea why it was busy this week. We didn’t want to break Owen’s heart by not going as promised. We left for a few hours and came back in the afternoon. Luckily the zoo had cleared out a bit and we were able to park. We enjoyed our time. Owen got to do his first zoo train ride, so that was a highlight. We even stopped by a park on the way home from the zoo. A very good day, indeed. And then it rained all weekend… You have to take advantage of the sun while it shines!

That’s the update for now! I’ll have more to share about my travels and my Usborne journey after next week. I can see how God is stretching me and growing me through these new commitments with Usborne and MOPS. I’m pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I feel brave. This takes courage. I won’t lie, I am also super nervous. New adventures could lead to failure, but I am choosing to believe with hope that good things are in store. I am constantly reminded just how much I need God through this whole process. When things seem beyond me, I rely on my faith to pull through. I know that God is meeting me beyond my comfort zone. This is scary and good all at the same time!


Shoe shopping with Daddy. Life is better with popcorn.


Graham is trying to figure out the bubble gun. Can you tell he is having fun?


Nana & Papa took a trip to Alaska this last week. We pulled out our Usborne atlas and explored where Alaska was and how far away it is from Washington.


Owen went to the airport for the first time to pick up Nana & Papa. Jeremy kept sending me pictures of the fun!


Gotta love Target!


Train ride at the zoo


Inches away from the sleeping cougars


Park time


Park time


Getting ready to start my Usborne invites! I love my new journal and planner! Feeling on top of things for the moment!


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