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Some Good News February 21, 2017

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Good news is good for the soul. I thought I would share some with you!

On Sunday, we heard from our real estate agent. He told us that the buyer had spoken with the previous inspector about our original home inspection. The inspector gave our house a positive report. As a result the buyer decided to waive his inspection and accepted the previous one. We have the home inspection behind us now. I was so concerned about this VA loan and the home inspection being a challenge. It’s beyond fantastic to have that behind us. I’m grateful that we are still under contract and moving forward. VA loans are known for taking time. I can’t help but be hopeful though. My prayer is that the appraisal will also happen quickly with favorable results. The sooner we get through the appraisal, the sooner we can get to closing. I desperately want to close this chapter of our lives and move on to the next. We are praising God for positive progress and we are hopeful for more good news to come. Thank you for your prayers!

In my last post, I didn’t want to go into the details of one of my health issues. Mostly because I wasn’t sure how things were going to turn out and therefore, I wasn’t sure how I felt about the whole situation. Thus, I didn’t write about it. Anyway, I will explain more now. On Tuesday, I was having a routine doctor’s visit, when my doctor found a lump on my throat. She was concerned it was a nodule on my thyroid. She sent me to have blood work done and then had me schedule and ultrasound on my thyroid for that Thursday. I knew that I wasn’t having any symptoms of thyroid issues and I had never noticed a lump before, so I wasn’t too concerned, but you never know… During my ultrasound on Thursday, the technician mentioned that I had pretty thyroid and she rarely gets to look at pretty thyroids. I know that the techs can’t say anything about your situation to give you a hint if things are good or bad, but I took my “pretty” thyroid as a good sign because I doubted an unhealthy thyroid would be pretty. Yesterday, I got a phone call from the doctor’s office saying that my thyroid checked out fine. My doctor would like to do a follow-up appointment in a few months to recheck, but it would seem my pretty thyroid is okay. Praise the Lord!

Thursday night, after I finished blogging, I was a part of an online book party for Usborne Books and More. I was invited to a leave your purse party. There would three winners of free books at the end of the party. The way to win was through racking up points. You could get points by commenting on things, playing group games, posting pictures, sharing your wishlist, etc. I felt totally obnoxious but I did my best to participate to the fullest. I was happy to learn on Saturday that I got 2nd place in the party and won $25 in free books. I now have four new books coming for my boys! I love books! They make me so happy!!!

Our house been one of illness. Both boys got colds toward the end of the week. Graham has gone down harder than Owen. We had to stay home from church on Sunday and MOPS today. I’m praying these germs leave us soon so we can go back to real world. Yesterday, Jeremy and Bill replaced the flooring in Owen’s room to laminate. Owen has thrown up enough times in that room that it had a bit of a funk. This project was one that they had planned for a while but Owen gave it a push forward in the timeline. It took part of a day to complete the room and Owen was moved back in time for nap time. Not too shabby!

That’s the update for now. Thank you for your prayers over the house and our family’s health. They mean so much to me. I hope that I have more good news to report soon. I really like sharing good news. It’s way more fun to write about than the discouragements and hang ups. Let’s keep the good news coming!


The boys spent some time at Target with Jeremy while I had my thyroid ultrasound.


Red Wagon Walks


When both boys are sick and need Mom


Enjoying his valentine present. The sticker books have been a big hit.


When you can’t be a church, you have Bible time while munching on Fruit Loops.


Owen’s room was displaced for a few hours.


Graham wants to help, too.


The transformation from carpet to laminate.


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