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The zoo, the flu & House News February 9, 2017

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Every week, I think “Wow, so much has happened. How am I going to find the time and energy to blog about it all?” Right after I posted my last blog, we took off for to Portland to go to the Oregon Zoo. We were gifted a year-long membership there this Christmas. It was a beautiful day to activate our membership and enjoy our first of many free visits to the zoo. Fridays are a big family day for us since it’s Jeremy’s day off. I love Fridays. They are my favorite day of the week. I am envision many more Fridays spent as a family visiting the zoo.

The Saturday after our zoo trip, Jeremy and Owen came down with the flu. Owen threw up three times in the night and two times on Sunday morning. By Sunday night, Owen was feeling a lot better, but I was worn out after only getting about 2 hours of sleep that night. On Monday, I came down with the flu bug as well. Gotta love being a family that shares. Graham was the only one who didn’t catch it. I wonder if that has anything to do with the fact that he got the flu shot on the Thursday before. I also wonder if you can spread the flu by getting a flu shot. Just some interesting observations.

Our weekend and week was a quiet one thanks to the flu germs. Our Super Bowl weekend was also fairly quiet. We enjoyed an evening at home munching on a few the boys’ favorite snacks. The kids enjoyed Doritos. Jeremy fried mozzarella sticks. I took a bubble bath. Not a bad way to spend an evening. Even if the Patriots did win…

The exciting news I have to share is that our house is under contract again. We had a big snow storm Sunday into Monday dropping 9 inches of heavy snow in the area. Jeremy spent Monday morning helping to unbury the neighbor’s work truck from a fallen tree and cleared other fallen trees off the road so vehicles could get by. We also got the call that we had received an offer on the house and that our agent would come by that afternoon to give us the details. He was brave man for driving in such crazy weather. We made some small counters to the offer and we found out on Tuesday evening that the buyer accepted our counter offer. I am reserved about this offer because it’s a VA loan which are super tricky. VA loans tend to ask you to fix everything that is found wrong in the home inspection, which we aren’t in a place where we could probably do that (depending on what they find).  Also the closing date is set for April 7th which seems like FOREVER away, so we put a tagline in the paperwork that said “or sooner” to that date. These two things have me feeling a bit cautious and skeptical. The home inspection has the power to blow the deal up. The nice thing is the inspection should be in the next two weeks, so at least we’ll know quickly if things aren’t going to pan out. Weeks is better than months. If things do go through, waiting until April to close is going to be a challenge for me. I’m ready to move forward. This house is stalling our ability to build on our property and after months of waiting on failed contracts, I am super motivated to get to closing. I will jump for joy and click my heels once the paperwork is officially signed. I’m praying that things work out and that this is “it”. Please be praying with us. Any prayer support we receive is greatly appreciated!

My MOPS group is doing a 28 day challenge as a part of our curriculum this year. Since February has 28 days, it seemed to fit well with this month. A part of the challenge is to do a truth or dare each day that is laid in our MOPS books. We’ve been sharing our truths and dares on our closed member Facebook page. It’s a been a neat experience to do this together. A part of the challenge is to do one big thing during the month. I had a hard time coming up with my “thing” and then it dawned on me. My house has been such a burden. I wanted to turn my burden into a blessing. Tomorrow night I will be hosting mom’s night out in my empty house. We’ll do pizza and games and use the house for a fun getaway for the moms in my group. I’m always looking for ways to stretch myself with hospitality and I’m ready for my house to be associated with something “fun” instead of associated with the biggest hold up in my life. I’m looking forward to tomorrow evening and I’m praying that it is a great night of connection. God can use anything for his glory and I’m believing my house is included in that.

That’s the update for now. Like I said before, the home inspection will be in the next two weeks, so I’m sure that I will have more news to share in the near future. Thank you for your prayers. I’ll keep you posted!


Enjoying our first free trip to the zoo with our new membership



Getting some fresh air… They might still be in their pajamas, but at least they are bundled up.


A treat from Sonic


Checking on the house before a showing. Lots of wide open space to run and play.


Super Bowl treats


Jeremy’s Monday morning was spent cleaning up fallen trees.


More Dorito love. My boys are big fans of orange, cheesy chips.


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