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Fevers, Coughs, Croup & Christmas December 27, 2016

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I’m so done with colds and croup. Graham started to perk up by Friday, but Owen and I were a few days behind everyone so the bug held on longer with us. As of Christmas Eve, Owen and I were still sporting low grade fevers. On Christmas day both boys were fever free, but Owen had slightly less energy than normal. I’m the last real hold out with the bug. I looked and sounded awful on Christmas day. It didn’t stop me from celebrating. Yesterday was the first day I didn’t feel too bad. My stamina isn’t 100% and I’m draining some lovely colored snot. Overall, though, I’m on my way toward being healthy again… Or so I hope. Having this yucky bug over the Christmas holiday was a bit of a bummer. Our family still managed to have a fun holiday despite the germs. I’m grateful that we are on the mend so we can fully enjoy our final Christmas celebration with Jeremy’s immediate family on Thursday!

Our holiday weekend looked a little something like this… Friday I delivered meals to two MOPS moms with new babies. I tried my best to sanitize and be quick with my deliveries. I didn’t want to spread the plague in households with such little newborns present. Saturday, Jeremy went to the Christmas Eve gatherings at our church. We did our family Christmas that morning. The boys opened their gifts and we had a yummy breakfast of baked french toast! Christmas Eve was a slower day for the boys and I to rest and play. That evening we went over to Jeremy’s cousin’s house for a family gathering. I walked away with Play Doh from the $5 gift exchange. Not to shabby since Play Doh time is a daily thing in our household. Christmas day was spent in Puyallup with my family eating good and opening gifts. Yesterday we kept up our Christmas tradition of going shopping the day after Christmas. We had a few returns to make and some Christmas cash to spend. Jeremy got some movies, I got the latest season of Once Upon a Time. The boys got more pieces for their Thomas train set, some games, books, water bottles and clothes.  Owen has been loving the games and wants to play all the time. Graham is truly turning into a train table lover. He is often found in Owen’s room pushing trains around the track.

I guess the one last final update is our house is officially back on the market. Our previous buyer is still interested in the home, so we’ll see if she secures new funding and submits another offer. We spent a little time on Friday tidying things up around the front yard and turning the heaters up so it isn’t the arctic for potential showings. There haven’t been any showings yet, but the holiday season will probably means things start off slowly. My goal in the next week or so is to go over there to wipe things down and vacuum. The house has been empty for 2 months and I don’t want it to feel dusty and musty. I joked with Jeremy that if we have enough time before a showing, I might even go over and make a batch of cookies in the oven just to warm up the house and make it smell homey. It’s sad to see our little house empty and on the market waiting for a new family, but I am trusting that God’s got this. This whole situation is growing faith in our family. Even though the timeline has been challenging for me, I know that God is with me. He knows my thoughts and emotions. He knows and he cares. I am loved and I don’t have to stress, I just have to trust.

I hope that this blog finds you all happy after a wonderful holiday spent with family and friends. This Christmas season has held so many ups and downs for me, but the true reason we celebrate and have joy is Jesus! I am so thankful for my Savior. His unconditional love never ceases to amaze me. I hope that this Christmas that same love warms your heart as well. Merry Christmas!


Even with a fever, Owen found some holiday cheer with Facebook Messenger!


Being restful on a sick day


Christmas Eve morning!


Pioneer Woman’s Baked French Toast! A yummy way to start Christmas Eve!


Apparently Owen only eats the sprinkles off of snowman cookies…


Owen wouldn’t stop rubbing his eye for a picture on Christmas morning!


Ignore my sick eyes! Focus on the happy Christmas baby!


One last ride through the park Christmas light display! The boys even got to drive up front with Daddy!


Off to find good deal on the day after Christmas!


Red Robin with my boys! Yum!


The train table got a few new pieces yesterday! It keeps getting cooler!


Introducing Owen to Hungry Hungry Hippos!


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