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December is Here! December 7, 2016

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November finished up with a MOPS outing to Lattin’s Cider Mill and our house still not closing. Over the weekend, we contemplated the very serious option of putting our house back on the market. But… it seems like the buyer’s lender has since been in contact with our agent and things look hopeful. We should know by the end of the week if official paperwork is headed our way. I will admit that all these dates start to mean nothing to me since they come and go without news or action. However, I am trying to remain hopeful as the deal with our current buyer hangs on by a thread. I really don’t want to relist our house, so I’m praying we can still pull this off. If things really do pan out, our new closing date will be on or before December 21st. The tune “All I Want for Christmas is My House to Sell” rattles around in my brain.

December has treated us well so far apart from the ups and downs with our home.  Owen got a Play Doh Advent calendar from my mom and Jeremy & I got him an Advent calendar that has a chocolate a day. It’s been fun watching him get excited to open a new compartment each morning and receive a special treat. However, our Play Doh play time has tripled thanks to all new and exciting things to play with.

Friday, our family did a little Christmas shopping and Jeremy got supplies for the kid’s choir weekend. It was a big day, but nice to be out and about as a family. As we were making our way home on the freeway, our back right tire went flat. It was scary, but God was good and there was no damage done to the vehicle. Because our van is still pretty new to us, we had to call for a tow and the gentleman who gave us a tow showed Jeremy how to access our spare tire. My dad rescued the boys and I from the side of the freeway and took us home with a quick stop at the church to drop off some sound equipment for the drama rehearsal that night. Jeremy made it to the church for the practice once he was able to get a new tire on the van.

Saturday was a day around the house for the boys and I while Jeremy worked on kid’s choir commitments. Sunday was the big performance. Owen’s class has been practicing two songs to sing as the opening act of the kid’s musical. Last year Owen just stood on stage by Jeremy. He didn’t have a clue what to do. This year, Owen knew the words to the songs. He sang and danced and got the audience laughing more than once. Must be a PK (pastor’s kid) thing. They know how to ham it up.

Jeremy planned to take Monday off as a comp day for the weekend. We woke up Monday morning to snow, so Jeremy’s comp day also turned in the perfect snow day. Jeremy and Owen were outside in the snow before the sun was even up! Graham and I later joined them for a walk in the snow. Later I made cookies for MOPS while snowflakes fell outside the window and Owen introduced Jeremy to his new obsession, The Polar Express.

Tuesday was our MOPS Christmas party and I was the guest speaker. I was able to get some thoughts written down at the end of the last week and I practiced a bit this weekend. I wasn’t as practiced up as the last time I spoke, but it still turned out okay. My message was about how you are loved and God is good. I went through some of the struggles of my last year and how God’s love and goodness has been the firm foundation that has kept me going. Once I wrap up this post, I plan on posting my notes in another blog entry. It takes less than 15 minutes to read if you are interested in what I shared. I also have a video of me speaking on my Facebook page. One of the ladies at my table recorded my message for a friend who couldn’t make because her preemie is in the hospital.

And that brings us today… For my class tonight at church we’ll be doing our Gingerbread House Decorating Contest. This is always a favorite and a highlight of the Christmas season for me. We added to the 4th graders to my class because of the small group of 5th/6th graders. This will be our first week with the 4th graders. I’m praying it goes well. This a fun time of year for them to join since next week will also be our Christmas party. So much good stuff to enjoy!

As always, I will keep you posted on the house situation. We went to check on the house Sunday with the boys. They ran around through the empty great room yelling because of the echo. I’m very much hoping that I will soon to able to post more definite news instead of just “hopes”. Until then we’ll just keep enjoying the Christmas season and all the holiday cheer!


Enjoying Lattin’s Cider Mill with my boys and MOPS friends


December 1st!




Owen was awake when he pulled over to the side of the road with a flat tire. Apparently it didn’t hold his interest so he decided to take a nap.


Time for a song and dance


We enjoyed dinner at Grandpa & Grandma’s house. Then Owen decided to curl up and got to bed in TC’s crate.


Not a bad way to start a day!


Walking in a winter wonderland!


Hacking apart the snowman


Gingerbread cupcakes seem like the perfect snack for a Gingerbread House Decorating Contest!


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