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A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That October 29, 2016

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This post will be all over the place. Lots of facets of our life to share. 

The last two weeks have been spent partially up in Kirkland for pastoral care with Ministry Resources International (MRI). The first week we were there we spent the night in a local hotel. Since Graham didn’t sleep well in the hotel and the homework wasn’t too overwhelming, we decided to commute back and forth the second week. This allowed us to spend time with Owen in the evenings and we could do our homework once the boys were asleep. It was a tiring pace. I’m glad it’s completed. Our time at MRI was good. They encouraged us and gave us healthy life skills to work on. This experience is one that I would recommend to anyone. Growth is key to all of us being healthy people. We have now moved into a mentorship relationship with that will take place mostly through email. We will also probably head back in February for two weeks to check in and see what has/hasn’t been working for us. We are appreciative of the support we have received from our church, especially our lead pastor,  as they have spurred us on toward health. This time away has been a fantastic investment in our leadership skills and my prayer is that when Jeremy returns to work this next week, real transformation will be evident in his life. (I would also like to give my mom a shout out for watching Owen while we were away. Owen loved all his adventures with Grandma. Being away from him was hard but I know that he was well taken care of! Thanks, Mom!)

On top of our time away for MRI, we moved on the weekend in between. It’s been a transitional week as we adapt to life in a new home. The boys are loving living with Nana and Papa. Owen has adapted probably the best of all of us. He loves the attention and he enjoys his new room. I’m looking forward to finding our new normal over the next few weeks.Bill & Debbie have provided most of our meals so far since we’ve been traveling daily. My hope is to set up a meal schedule soon so we can know who is cooking what days. We want to contribute and be a blessing while we reside in their home. 

We have all felt the need to rest and recover. Graham appeared to have a tummy bug toward the end of the week and now Owen has spent the morning throwing up numerous times. Jeremy has a cold and all three of my boys have low grade fevers. I need a hazmat suit! I didn’t really have any productive plans in mind for the weekend and it’s looks like bugs have confirmed the need to be still and rest. 

Yesterday was supposed to be our closing date. Oh yes, supposed to be! Let’s remember that our original closing date was September 30th. Then it got extended to October 28th. Now it looks like we will be signing another extension to November 15th. Apparently the financing plan our buyer is using has many loop holes that make processing it more complicated. God must want to grow patience in us. Please continue to pray for us as we try to wrap things up with our Moonlit house. 

Finally, a small update on Jeremy’s heart health. He had a follow up appointment with the cardiologist yesterday. Nothing new came out of the echocardiogram. Now it’s recommended that he has CT scan of his chest to see if something abnormal is causing the pressure and discomfort he feels. The doctor also continued to encourage the implanted monitor idea. Jeremy will have another appointment in November to investigate what is involved with the implanted heart monitor. I know that Jeremy isn’t jazzed about the implanted monitor idea. Again, prayers would be appreciated! 

What can I say? Never a dull moment with the Scott family. This next week we look forward to participating in Fall Fest at church. We have MOPS and Red Cup day. Depending on the weather, we might attend a local cider mill and farm. Lots of good, fun things. 

Life in the hotel

Tired baby, ready to go home!

Love getting photo updates like this from my mom! The pumpkin patch was one of the many adventures Owen and Grandma had together.

The boys love living with Nana & Papa

Carving the pumpkins that Owen got at the patch

I think Graham would have taken a nap in the Target cart if we’d been there long enough!

After many mornings of being on the road early, I was grateful for a morning to be home and snuggle with my boys while they watch Winnie the Pooh.

Got to spend some quality time with my Californian forever friend, Christa! She has been such a support to me through all of life’s ups and downs!


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