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We Have Moved! October 24, 2016

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This weekend we officially moved into Nana and Papa’s house. This move has been almost three months in the making. I was more than ready to take the next step in our housing journey. 

The saddest part of the move for me was taking apart the boys’ rooms. Jeremy took all the stickers off the walls. No more penguins for Graham, no more woodland creatures for Owen. We spent so much time and care assembling those rooms and dreaming about the babies that would live in them. Such a good season of life took place in those rooms. Thinking about the new rooms the boys will have in our new house has helped me handle taking down their nurseries. There will be new rooms to decorate in the future and that gets me excited. If I felt sad about any part of the moving process, I thought of the house we hope to build and it gave me the excitement I needed to move forward joyfully. This will all be worth it. 

We were able to settle in quickly at Bill & Debbie’s. All our stuff fit. This is a testamaent to how much space Bill & Debbie cleared for us. They have generously opened their home to us and given us plenty of room to make it our home too. The boys have loved living with Nana and Papa. So far things seem to be going well. Graham had a rough first night in his new room, but he did better last night. Owen has slept like a champ in his new room. His adaptability amazes me. 

Yesterday, Jeremy and I went back to the Moonlit house to clean and grab a few items we left there overnight. Jeremy made a run back to his parent’s house for coolers so we could empty our fridge. While he was away, I mopped the floor and sang old Switchfoot songs in the echoey living room. Once I finished with the floors, I went around taking pictures and selfies around the house. I want to capture the memories. 

This house has been such a blessing. It has been a gift from God and our family has loved it dearly. I remember getting the keys and walking through the door the first time it was officially ours. There was so much excitement and anticaption. We have made it a home and it has been our sanctuary and retreat. We started our family there and brought our babies home from the hospital there. I will always view this as the baby house. The place where my babies learned to crawl and walk. Good, sweet memories. 

There are so many people I would like to thank right now. Both of our families supported us through this move. From moving our stuff to watching the boys, we have been given so much help through this whole process. We couldn’t have done it alone. Thank you to my friends who have been a listening ear for me through each step of this process. Your encouragement and prayers have kept me going. Thank you to my in-laws for letting your home be invaded by our loud and zany family. And a HUGE thank you to my hubby, Jeremy, for all the hard work he has put into this move and our whole housing situation. His efforts and strategy are the reason this move went so well. He has been a support to me as I’ve processed this change. His love has been so life giving to me. Last but not least, I am so thankful to God for each blessing and even each setback that has come out of this season. Our family has grown and God has shown up time and time again. We are counting our blessings and we are thankful! 

Repacking the kitchen

Let’s do this!

Helping Mommy clean up the dust bunnies

Owen in his empty bedroom

7+ years in this house with this amazing man!

Cleaning, taking selfies and saying good-bye


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