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Happy Birthday, Graham! October 20, 2016

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Happy 1st Birthday, Graham!

Yesterday was Graham’s 1st birthday! What a first year! This week we’ve been up in Kirkland at MRI (Ministry Resources International) doing pastoral care/coaching/counseling (whatever you want to call it). Our mornings have been spent in appointments and then our afternoons/evenings have been spent doing homework and reflection. Graham has done a good job being a part of our meetings. I am proud of him. We packed lots of toys and snacks to keep him occupied while we met. He didn’t love spending the night at the hotel and was up quite a bit in the night. This meant our routine developed around getting him to take a nap before our meeting times and then after our meetings. This is how the first part of Graham’s birthday was spent. He got up early, enjoyed a breakfast of eggs & cheese at the hotel and then took a nap before our morning meetings with MRI. After our meetings we drove a little distance to have lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. Graham enjoyed the baby plate they gave him of bananas and bread. He also enjoyed Jeremy’s chicken and pasta. We told them at dessert time that it was his birthday. He got a complementary ice cream sundae with a candle in it. The look on his face while they sang to him was priceless!

After lunch we did a little bit of mall walking and shopping. Graham got another nap on the way back to the hotel. At the hotel, we did homework time while Graham stretched his legs and ran around the room. Once Graham started to need our attention and focus again, we took him down to the hotel swimming pool. He had a great time doing laps around the pool with Jeremy. I’m not a huge fan of swimming so I chose to document the fun from a lounge chair. Once the swimmers got a bit chilly, we went back to our room for a warm bath. From there we went to dinner. Graham loved Jeremy’s tomato soup and we split a pumpkin cookie for a special birthday dessert. Then it was back to the hotel for bed time. It wasn’t a flashy birthday, but it was a lot of fun. Jeremy and I doted on him quite a bit through out the day. The ladies at the MRI office played a rapping birthday frog toy for him to help celebrate. Since he was wearing his first birthday shirt all day, he got lots of comments and well wishes from strangers. He is a loved and blessed little boy!

As I was unpacking today, I realized that I had forgotten to give Graham his birthday presents yesterday. Oops! Owen helped him open two new books this evening. One makes garden sounds and both boys love it! We left our MRI meeting today and went straight into Centralia for Graham’s one year well check. I have the official Graham stats to share with you. He is weighing in at 18lbs. 13oz. He didn’t break the 20lb. mark, but if I remember correctly, I don’t think Owen did either. However, Owen was a pound heavier by one year. Graham is 27.5in. tall which puts him below the charts for height. He is less than 1%. We know he is short and it was a conversation we had with the doctor. It’s too soon to tell, but we might have to keep an eye on his height in the future. He could have a growth hormone deficiency, but it’s too early to tell so nothing to be concerned about this moment.  Graham’s head was 45.7cm at 39%. He is hitting all his developmental milestones spot on. His appetite in the last two weeks has taken off and he wants to eat everything! Hopefully that will help him grow!

Graham is a sweet kid. I am so glad God gave him to our family. This week has been a strange one, but it was fun to spend some one on one with Graham. He is a great little soul to have in counseling appointments. His smiles and hugs were very welcome. He is such a good walker and impressed so many people this week with how sturdy he is on his feet. He has also mastered the art of being able to stand up when he falls down. Before he would have to crawl over to something to get back up. Now that he can stand up on his own, he has officially master walking. He is now on to running and climbing and general toddler exploration and mischief. Other than his height, he is a big boy! He wants to keep up with the world. Nothing is slowing him down. He is a lovey and I’m so blessed to be his Mama.  Happy 1st birthday,Graham! You are loved!


Playing with Daddy


Watching the wait staff sing him Happy Birthday!


Give me that!


Pool time


Stuffing his face with pumpkin cookie


Graham month by month!



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