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Another Step Closer October 13, 2016

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Before I get into our home news, I would like to let you know that there have been some small changes to this blog. You probably wouldn’t even notice unless I mentioned it here. Tragically, my last post used up all my “free” storage. This site has been free for me the last five years. In order to get more storage, I have to pay to keep this site up and running. Because blogging is like therapy for me and an investment into my mental health, Jeremy agreed I could upgrade my account with WordPress. One of the features of this upgrade is there will no longer be ads on my page. Also, I have my own domain name. My blog is now just There is no added associated with the link. I know, I know. I’m super cool now, for sure. I don’t love that I have to pay an annual fee for this blog, but I should get another 10 years out of the storage that I have available to me. Here’s to another decade of blogging! Also, I plan on updating my “About Me” section in the next week. At the moment, the information doesn’t include Graham in our family. I think I updated it about two years ago! We had family pictures this last week and once I get a chance to go through them, I’ll update the information and include a new photo of our family.

The big news of the week is our appraisal came back to us this week. It’s $2,000 less than I had hoped for, but $7,000 more than our last appraisal, so we quickly agreed to the new number. This means we are officially moving toward closing with no foreseeable hiccups. I’m conditioned to be reserved with dates when it comes to our housing situation, but I think we most likely move now on Saturday, October 22nd. We have about a week and half left in our home before moving in with Jeremy’s parents. In August, I was sad to move. I love our house on Moonlit Lane. It’s been a great house for us and a very precious season of life has been lived here. Those feelings haven’t diminished within me, but the sadness has definitely decreased. Mostly because I am itching for my new house to be built! I look at the floor plan for our new home and I get giddy with excitement and possibility! I’m ready for this process to move forward! We have been pre-approved for a construction loan and Jeremy is out with the construction supervisor right now staking out where our home will go. We are right on the cusp on things taking off! I am thrilled and ready! Let’s go!

As I mentioned before, this week we had family pictures taken. I figured it was a good time since October is birthday month. I wanted to capture the boys right at 3 & 1. This is such a fun time with them. I have seen a few sneak peek photos, but I haven’t seen them all yet. I will post a few once I have a chance to sort through them. We haven’t done family pictures in the past, but this year it really meant something to me. I guess after having the difficult season that we’ve been walking through, I wanted photos of this family. I wanted to look at pictures and see smiles and remember my blessings. I don’t think you regret taking family pictures and capturing memories. I want to remember this season.

This last week I’ve done a lot of thinking… I’m prone to loose sight of the good things because I get lost looking at the hard things. This is a tendency I will always have to battle. I was talking with Jeremy and we started to remind ourselves of the good things that have come our way this last year. It was life giving for me. I used to make lists of God’s gifts in my life. The small day to day things. I find myself still making list. They are mental lists, but almost daily I am reciting things that I am thankful for. Big, small. It doesn’t matter. Thankfulness is the thing that is carrying me through. When I get focused on the negative, I redirect my mind to my blessings and they are many. I am praying today for anyone reading this who might be walking through a hard season. It can be overwhelming to look at your situation and not get distracted or discouraged by the weight of it all. But God is good. I know I always wrap up by saying God is good, but it’s so true. He is good. He is for us. He is in every moment. Maybe take a moment to make a mental list of the good blessings you have. Thank God that he is here in the midst of it all!


Reading with Nana


Visiting Papa means stealing his walker!


Graham’s Turn


My sweet boys!


A quick visit to Mt. Rainier to see the fall color!


Loving the crunchy leaves in the park!


Holding my hand and crunching leaves together


Owen likes to sit in front of the heater. Just like Mommy!


A sneak peek from our family pictures!


Enjoying a play date with the cousins while Jeremy was the cardiologist.


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