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A Week of Meetings September 16, 2016

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This week has been full of meetings. On Sunday, we got to meet our newest nephew, Colton. He slept through most of the experience which is fine by me. A sleeping baby is a happy baby in my book. He was super cuddly and won our hearts instantly. Owen was the sweetest when it was his turn to hold the baby. He gave him kisses on the top of his head and it melted my heart.

Tuesday, Jeremy and the boys went up to the property with my parents to meet with the man who would be clearing the land and the lady that will be designing the septic. After that, they all went down to the courthouse to put the land officially in our name. We now own 6 acres of property! That is certainly something to celebrate! My parents have been so generous to us. We are excited for this next season of life. Clearing has begun and we can start to envision where our houses will go and what the future will look like. I’m thrilled to see progress being made. The only once piece of news that I haven’t mentioned is our closing on current house has pushed back to the middle of October. Appraisers in our area are super slammed and we can’t get an appraisal in time for our closing date at the end of September. This means our moving date is again TBD. I’m not loving that, but I am grateful that the we are still under contract even if things are moving slowly.

Wednesday was Jeremy’s treadmill. Since this wasn’t his first rodeo with a treadmill, I expected the results to be much the same as before. And they were. The doctor wasn’t too concerned by what he saw. He thinks the meds are working and that is good enough. Unfortunately,  the doctor doesn’t have a good explanation for the discomfort Jeremy feels in his chest (he feels it even with the meds). We are seriously considering getting a second opinion to make sure that nothing has been overlooked.

Thursday we drove up to Kirkland to meet with a ministry resource group. We believe that stress is a key factor in the incident that Jeremy had at the end of August. His heart issues combined with stress have created the situation we are in now. The hope is this ministry group will be able to help give Jeremy the skills to deal with the stress in his life. Truthfully, most of stress in our lives comes from ministry, but when you are pastors there are very few people you can be open and honest with about work related stress. Our prayer is that this organization will add another level to Jeremy’s healing. The one downside to this group is they prefer to meet in an intensive week of 4 full days of meeting (usually two weeks of Monday-Thursday, so most likely 8 days total). Since the group is located at a distance and Graham is still nursing, this will make it tricky for me to accompany Jeremy. We will call the scheduler on Monday and talk through what our options are. Right now with a young family, I can’t do the intensive week. We will see what other options we can come up with.

This week has had so many ups and downs for me. Meeting Colton was a high point, for sure. Now that Jeremy has been on his meds for two weeks, he is driving again, which I really appreciate. I hate driving so I’m glad that he is healthy enough to be back behind the wheel. While, I didn’t want Jeremy’s treadmill to show something horribly wrong, I also don’t feel like we got sufficient answers from Jeremy’s current cardiologist. And the ministry group… While I am grateful for this opportunity to work with them, it’s been stressful for me as I try to figure out how we will blend their preferences with our current season of life.  At times I find myself mentally chanting “lean not on our own understanding” over and over again. It’s in my nature to figure things out and make sure all the pieces fall into place. However, right now I feel like a lot of things are still up in the air and I need to live that. God is in control. When I trust him, he will make our way straight. It’s a relief to know that I am not responsible for figuring this all out. I’m doing the best I can to do the right thing and that has to be good enough. I know that God will honor our diligence as move forward.


Our Usborne box arrived with all these books! Birthdays and Christmas are going to be good this year!


Meeting Colton


Owen loves his new bed and a new books!


Looking at bugs


Exploring the property and checking out the clearing


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