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What Day Is It? August 27, 2016

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It’s been a strange week. All three of my boys have been under the weather at various times. Jeremy has been working in the evenings and I had to miss church on Wednesday night, plus Jeremy is working all weekend as well. My normal markers for where we are in the week are all gone. We’ve managed to stay occupied, but we’ve also had a far amount of resting and laying low. Jeremy’s been trying to be good about resting when he is home. Graham had a cold that he has now passed on to Owen. I have a bug bite on my leg that makes my whole leg ache. We seem to have our fair share of ailments these days. Tuesday, I got to have a phone date with my lovely friend, Maggie. An hour on the phone with a good friend is a breath of fresh air and we really need for my sanity! Wednesday, we got to run errands with Jeremy. Thursday, we went down to visit my sister. We played in the park, got lunch and spent some time at her house in the AC. Thursday night, Jeremy took Owen to work with him for some Daddy time. Owen really appreciated it! He keeps telling me that he got to go to summer camp.Yesterday, Jeremy switched from summer camp mode into kid zone mode. He is it Chehalis Garlic Fest this weekend running inflatables for the kids. I could go into detail about all the drama we’ve had a night and the lack of sleep I am getting, but I figure that is sad story that I’ve told one too many times on this blog. Just a say little prayer for Owen. The last two nights he has woken up in the middle of the night very unhappy. The first night after two hours of trying to get him back to sleep, we finally let him sleep in our bed. Last night we brought a nightlight in and that seemed to help. Not quite sure what’s up, but I don’t like the idea of being up with both Owen and Graham in the middle of the night. One sleepless kiddo is enough… So that is the update. Here are some pictures from our adventures this week.


Owen requested to wear matching jammies with Graham. I’m a big fan of matching!


Graham did not approve of Jeremy’s decision to leave him to go shower.


Exploring the Rainer City Park with Auntie! We will be visiting here again!


Auntie is passing on her love of video games to the next generation.


Having a little fun at Graham’s expense


Up with Graham while Jeremy and Owen sleep in after a rough night. Because I was tired, I let Graham watch TV in my lap so I could sit like a blob. Parenting at it’s finest!


Since I’ve been dreaming of fall and I had a can of pumpkin I needed to use, I decided to make pumpkin pancakes yesterday! Yum!


Chowing down on rice at Grandpa & Grandma’s last night!


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