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Graham – 10 Month Update August 20, 2016

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10 months!

It’s strange to think that I have only few monthly updates left for Graham. I view it as a first year only kind of thing. I’m not going to give a 27th month update. I will share Graham’s 10 month news today and then we’ll have the 11th month update and the big birthday update! It blows my mind to think that Graham is now less than 2 months away from being a 1 year old. Time is flying. If I had a guess, I would say that our September is going to go by fast. Birthday month will be here soon!

At Graham’s 9 month well check at the end of July, we was weighing in at 17lbs. 4oz. (17%), 27in for length (5%) and 44.7cm for head (37%). He is a small dude, but he is mighty. In the doctor’s office, he showed off by standing on his own for what seemed like forever. Not only can he stand on his own for short periods of time, but he has taken a few steps throughout the last month. He isn’t “walking” yet, but he is close. We have a couple different toys that he uses as walkers around the house. If we didn’t have furniture, I’m positive that Graham would just walk all day using those toys. Graham is an adventurer. He doesn’t want to stay in the living room to play with toys. He is often taking off down the hallway. He loves to pull books off the shelf in Owen’s room or shoes out of my closet.

In the last month, Graham’s two top teeth have cut through. This has made for some major cranky moments. Teething has not been fun for Graham. When his first top tooth came in, he decided it would be fun to wake up 3-4 times a night. Teething has brought a side of Graham out that sounds a lot like a dinosaur. He continues to wake up multiple times a night. I was talking about it with Jeremy the other day. I’m often up with Graham twice in the night and once with Owen in the early morning (Owen wakes about 6am and we try to put him back to bed after using the restroom). On an average night, I go to sleep at 11pm and I’m up within 2-3 hours with Graham. Then I’m up again usually around 5am with Graham and 6am with Owen. This sleeping pattern is probably my least favorite part of parenting. I could go to bed earlier, but 9-11pm is my only kid free time and time with my hubby.

Graham has found his voice more this last month. Apart from the dinosaur roars, he has also started chattering more. I love talking back and forth with him. I’m enjoying these baby sounds. Owen now tells me things like “Mommy, don’t talk.” I’m grateful that Graham can’t tell me such things yet!

That sums up the last month. Our little sweetheart is 10 months old! These last 10 months have been a wild ride. I can’t wait to see more of his personality develop has he becomes his own person.


Ready for football season!


Owen got sick this week and Graham couldn’t figure out why his brother was just laying on the couch. (More about Owen’s illness in my next blog)


Always keeping up with Owen


Graham’s opinion of the SWW Fair (more about the fair in my next blog)


Watching Mama instead of smiling for a selfie


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