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Pending Again! August 16, 2016

Filed under: Selling, Building, Moving,Simply Me — Amy Scott @ 7:03 pm

After a week of being back on the market, we are pending again! I found out that we received an offer right after last night’s blog post. We counter offered this morning and the buyer accepted! We are officially pending again. I will admit that I am fearful. Things fell apart before so they could again. But I am trusting and believing that this experience will be different. Our new closing date will be September 30th! Be praying for us as this process moves forward. We haven’t heard back yet if this buyer will accept the previous home inspection that just happened a month ago or if they will want a new one. We are also praying for a different appraiser since the appraisal is what made our last contract go south. It’s not a done deal, but we are excited about moving forward and praying for good things.



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