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These Days August 15, 2016

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These days are a mix. Busy and slow moments. Right now I have a few quiet moments. I am pondering things and my mind rambles on. I’ve been reading. It feels good. But at the same time, the two books I purchased are intense. They are the kind of books that make you think, make you evaluate life. I was reading Sarah Bessey’s latest blog post about how her “tinies” are no longer tiny. She has big kids now. It made me think of my “littles” and I spent a majority of the post misty eyed over growing babies. My emotions are on the surface right now. They come up quickly and easily.

I’m doing a lot of things for comfort right now. I’ve eaten a lot pasta (mostly in the form of mac and cheese), I’ve inhaled chocolate whenever I have a chance, I am reading in quiet moments, I’m planning baking projects for when the heat dies down (which at this moment it seems like it never will) and Jeremy & I have started watching Parks and Recreation on Netflix. Books, TV, food… All good things.

To keep busy, we’ve worked on the house. We had a showing on Saturday and a showing today. We’ve taken the boys to the park numerous times. Owen loves parks. This is what childhood summers are all about. I love watching my big boy explore and amaze me. He is such a great climber. It blows my mind what he is capable of now. In less than 2 months, he’ll be 3. I realized that I’m going to have to plan one last zoo trip while is he still gets free admission! Graham, of course, is trying to keep up with Owen and is such a busy baby. He just doesn’t get that he is little. I could share more about Graham but I’ll save it for his 10 month update at the end of this week.

Today I went up to visit my friend, Kaly, and got to hold her newborn little girl, Citlaly. She’s only 8lbs. So tiny! It seems like forever since Graham was that small. It was great to get newborn snuggles in while Owen ran wild with Citlaly’s older brothers.

These are the things that make up life – good books, good food, funny television, multiple trips to the park, hanging with friends and newborn babies. This weekend, Jeremy’s parents watched the boys so we could go on a date during our home showing. It was nice to be with Jeremy and have him all to myself. We agreed that we wouldn’t do anything house related. We went to Olive Garden (pasta and bread sticks, YES). We got Jeremy an Apple watch so he can monitor his heart rate and health better. He hasn’t been feeling the best lately and his cardiologist recommended he get it. I joked with Jeremy that he is a expensive date!

Life is full of layers. I could list off all the layers that I am less than pleased with. My mind mulls them over more than I would like. I am equally trying to look for the good, finding grace and goodness in the ordinary moments. I’ve been thinking a lot about the season I spent reading 1000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp and making endless list of gifts throughout the day. I want to feel light like that again. I want to find joy in gratitude and contentment. I’m trying to be intentional with my thoughts and my actions. While my emotions might go up and down throughout the day, I’m choosing to look at the layers of my life as a unique creation. Some are bitter, some are sweet. They ebb and flow. I’m making the most of the moments, both good and bad. Trying my best to see God in it all. When I look, I find him and that makes all the difference.



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