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Highlights from Camping August 5, 2016

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I have about 15 minutes of free time. Graham is down for a nap and Jeremy & Owen are on their way home from a morning of running errands together. At the point of my last post, I wasn’t in a very good place. Buggies freak me out and I felt like my house was crawling with them… After a day of intense laundry, treating the house & Owen for lice, and bug bombing to kill the fleas, I feel a bit better about things. I wasn’t expecting the extra work, but Jeremy was super helpful and together we conquered the bugs and took off for camping.

This was Graham’s first camping trip and Owen’s second. Owen loves camping. He does great. He runs around in the dirt, eats the camp food, sleeps pretty well in a tent on an air mattress. This year he even got the concept of sleeping in a sleeping bag. Graham on the other hand… He did not do so well at camping. He decided that sleeping wasn’t going to happen in the Pack’n’Play which made for a very long and loud night the first night. I deeply apologize to the whole campground. Graham took one nap on Nana’s lap and the rest were induced by driving around in the van and letting him sleep in his car seat. He also has a top tooth coming in so he spent most of his awake hours extremely fussy. On the bright side, he took about three steps on his own from Papa to Daddy. Doesn’t he know that he is only 9.5 months old? Slow down, kid!

Both boys got covered in dirt (which I totally expected). Owen loved having time to play with his cousins. Nana took the kids on many “hikes” around the neighboring empty campsites. I enjoyed my favorite camp foods (smores, pizza pockets and pop tarts). This was our first time camping at Millersylvania State Park. It’s on Deep Lake so the kids got to go swimming and fishing. Jeremy bought a small boat on clearance and enjoyed giving the kids rides. One of the nicest features of our campground was how close it was to home. The second night we stayed until bedtime and then took our crew home to sleep in their own beds. We just didn’t want to deal with another night of screaming. We took off early the next morning and made it back to camp in time for breakfast. I think it was the wisest choice for our family.

While this trip had some hiccups thanks to Graham, overall, it was a fantastic time to catch up with family and enjoy some time outside. I am excited for next year because I think it will be a home run experience for our family once Graham is older. Now I’m home conquering mountains of laundry and pulling all the details together for my sister-in-law’s baby shower. We got the food shopping done, the games are ready to go. This weekend will be a big one with moving my sister tomorrow and the shower on Sunday. I think I am as prepared as possible. The house is mostly packed up. Jeremy took another load to the storage unit this morning with Owen. I think we might have one more small load to take later today. Other than that, we are ready to move on Monday. Which reminds me, the appraisal shook things up for us. It came in lower than we expected. We are renegotiating with the buyers. I’m really praying that things don’t fall apart at this point since we are set to move in just a few days. I know that God is in control and nothing surprises him. He is in all these details. I just need to take a deep breath and trust that he’s got this. Again, I feel unsteady, but I know that he is my rock and anchor. These metaphors have taken on even deeper meaning for me this year as I have looked for sure footing and only found it in my Savior.  May all this crazy be for God’s glory! Amen!


Found the campsite. About to set up.


I couldn’t be more thankful for this man. He is there for me through all of these ups and downs and puts up with all my crazy emotions!


Sleeping on the boppy which was laid across my stomach. The things we do to keep little ones asleep.


First time fishing. He lasted about 4 minutes before he wanted to go throw rocks in the lake instead.


A little dirt never slowed Graham down!


Pizza pockets cooked over a fire! My favorite camp food ever!


Such a beautiful sight!


Handsome little swimmer


He caught a fish!


Hanging at the lake while the group was swimming.


Enjoying the new boat


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