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One Week Left August 1, 2016

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I’m writing this blog in the middle of my kitchen – sitting on the floor. This seems like the safest spot (no fabric, I’ll explain more soon). We have one more week left in our house. Today is my last full day at home. This week will be spent camping, moving my sister, hosting a baby shower and then moving on Monday. I have every second planned for maximum productivity. I feel like with my plate being so full, I have to really be on top of everything. But when you fill your life to the brim like this something usually explodes. Last week it was Jeremy getting sick from sun exposure and doing too much out in the sun and hot weather. I lost my voice for 3 days and sounded like a frog or a pre-teen boy. I thought this was it. We have over did it and now we’re seeing the strain on our bodies. You never assume more is coming, but indeed more has happened. Today it dawned on me that we have fleas again. Apparently if you don’t kill all the eggs, fleas can reappear about 4 weeks after you think they are gone. And they did… Fleas were giving me a major mental breakdown today when Jeremy came home and discovered that Owen has head lice. He got it on Saturday from a hat he wore at Chehalis Fest. Jeremy checked all of us and I checked Jeremy. Luckily only Owen has it, but now it’s time to treat everything and wash everything. Not how anticipated my last day at home would go down. You never plan for illness, fleas or lice. They just happen. On top of that, I’m looking at my mostly packed up house and feeling a bit sad to say good-bye. I have loved this house. This was our first house. We have invested so much into making it ours and a place we have loved. I brought my babies home to this house. My life has revolved around this location and making it a happy and healthy place for my family. So in the midst of it all, I am a bit sad. Mostly I am tired and frustrated. I don’t want to be dealing with illness, fleas and lice. I don’t want it. I just can’t handle it. Praying for God’s strength and peace as I move forward and keep going. Not much else to say. Say a prayer for me today. Thank you!


In one side out the other. Graham is into everything and we will attempt just about anything these days.


Shopping with Grandma! Owen went on an adventure to Chehalis Fest with my mom on Saturday so I could have a few hours to rest.


Snow cones with Daddy at Chehalis Fest


I sucked him into watching Anne of Green Gables with me. It’s not often I make the kids watch TV for me, but Anne is perfect for sick days.


One week left in our house. Taking it all in and having deep feelings about everything.


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