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Steam Train Ride, Father’s Day, Moving Party June 26, 2016

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Here are some brief highlights from our last week or so. Last Saturday, we took a steam train ride to celebrate my mom’s birthday and father’s day. Our little train lover enjoyed the ride, but I think it might have been overwhelming to him at times. Lots of sights and sounds to take in. After the steam train ride, we enjoyed dinner at our local Chinese restaurant.  Owen plowed through a ton of fried rice. I’m not sure who enjoyed themselves more, Owen or my parents (who the day was celebrating).

For Father’s Day, we went over to Jeremy’s parent’s house and enjoyed some yummy BBQ steaks. It was a low key fun day. My gift to Jeremy this year was 18 holes of golf. I don’t love that golf is a 4 hour sporting event that leaves me home alone with the kids, so this gift seemed sacrificial and something I knew Jeremy would enjoy. He doesn’t get to golf nearly as much as he would like. Jeremy paid the gift forward and said he would take his dad out golfing for Father’s Day. My joke was Owen and Graham could join them and complete the foursome. That would be a win for all! Okay, the kiddos might detract from the golf game, but we can chalk it up to memory making, right?

Friday was a family day for us. We went down to the Portland area for yummy food and shopping. We started our day with breakfast at Chick-fil-A. YUM! We’ve been working on updating Owen’s wardrobe since he is growing and wearing things out. He got some new jammies and some new shoes. Lunch was at the Corner Bakery Cafe. When we visited Chicago, we ate there numerous times and it was a fun memory. The chain has made its way to the northwest now. The meal was tasty and we took home a bag of monster cookie bites to keep the yummy going!

This weekend has been a busy one as well. Yesterday, we moved my parent’s out of their home and into their new rental. I’ve nicknamed it the “storental” since it’s a combination of storage and a rental house. It was a full day of moving. I’d like to say that I was involved… Pretty much my job is hang out with Graham while Owen helps the menfolk load and unload. It’s been fun to spend time with my family and be supportive of my parents as they embark on a new adventure.

Today, Jeremy and his family went golfing. Nana was watching cousins Nolan and Bennett. After nap time, I took the boys over to hang out with the cousins. It was nice for Owen to play with a buddy his own age. It certainly kept him busy and active. I love it when he plays hard. He really enjoyed himself. Nolan is one of his BFFs. They have such a fun relationship.

And that about sums up life for the time being… I’ll keep you posted on our many adventures! I’m thinking it might be time to give a shout out blog to Owen and all his quirkiness these days. And maybe we’ll even have some house news to share in the near future. Time will tell!!!


Steam Train Ride with the fam


Open wide!


Jeremy asked Owen to cut the Play Doh cake they created and Owen ran got the chain saw!


Father’s Day!


Graham is on the move!


First s’mores of the season with my Wednesday night girls


A yummy food day!


Moving Grandpa & Grandma


Graham eats dinosaurs for lunch. He is a growing boy!


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