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Graham – 8 month update June 19, 2016

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8 months!

Graham is officially 8 months old today. It’s been a big week for him. He started “crawling” this week. It’s a combo of regular crawling, army crawling, lunging, and rolling. The fact is he can get from point A to point B now. He seems to be happy with this development, but it tires him out quickly so in the end he still ends up cranky. Plus, he is over us bribing him to get the phone or Apple TV remote. He can only grab it so many times and then have it move across the room again before the game is no longer fun.

Before crawling, he learned to sit himself up from laying down. It seems like in the last two weeks, he keeps jumping forward in developments. We plan to lower his crib tomorrow night. He hasn’t pulled himself up on it yet, but we feel like at this rate, it’s only a matter of time. I’ve been impressed with Graham’s desire to move and be mobile. He has officially beaten Owen when it comes to the rolling and crawling timeline. Graham got crawling down a whole month and a half sooner than Owen. The one downside to Graham being mobile is Owen has gotten a bit rougher with him. My guess is Owen doesn’t like his brother being more like a big boy. He can grab toys and get into things. Owen has less control over what Graham can do. Owen will push Graham over now. He also tries to lay on Graham. It seems that Owen is beginning the “wrestle” with brother phase. Oh goodie. Poor Graham just can’t wrestle back. Yet. Owen has it coming. I’m sure.

While Graham is still toothless, he has made some progress with solid foods. Jeremy got him to eat some baby food yesterday. Graham has also tried more finger foods and small bites. Because he has no teeth, I haven’t been super brave with small foods. I was reading on Baby Center what 8-10 month olds can eat. I’m excited to expand his horizons beyond pureed foods. The last big milestone before the big birthday will be teeth (and most likely walking). Hopefully with teeth his appetite will grow. It would be nice to have his entire diet not rest on me. However, the rhyme is “food before one is just fun.” I realize that it’s okay if he isn’t a big eater for a while. It’s all good.

That’s the update for now. Graham is growing and changing quickly. He has experienced a lot of frustration over the last month, but I’m hoping that his crawling will lessen his angst. He has a new world to explore. He is a great kiddo and certainly adds much love and excitement to our lives.


Birthday brunch with Grandma


Proud of himself for sitting up on his own


Steam train ride! More about that in my next post!


Happy mess maker


Those eyes! That face!


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